Unable to join certain servers! Help please!

  • The title gives the basics of it. A good example of the problem I am having is when I tried to join the Moorlands Skirmishers server. Previously, not sure exactly when, but at least since a month ago, I would try to join the server and have the game stop at the “Information, Connecting to server…” window that appears whenever you try to join a server. It would just stay there for a potentially infinite amount of time. I experimented to see how long it would last, and left to go a mall for a few hours, when I returned, it was still on that screen, although not frozen. I could click on the cancel button and that would cancel the joining process and would deposit back at the main screen, as is what usually happens when I click cancel when joining a server. That was then, and now, as of maybe a week ago, whenever I try to join the Moorlands Skirmishers server, the “Information, Connecting to server…” window appears again, but after a short amount of time, I am disconnected with a new window appearing saying something along the lines of “disconnected”.

    It has happened to me on some other occasions with joining random server, some of them are even official TB servers, while others are hosted servers by clans etc., but the Moorlands Skirmishers servers would probably be the most prominent one.

    Some other information that may or may not be relevant. The Moorlands Skirmishers have two hosted servers, one is a 32 slot server called Gracious Welcome, while the other is a 17 slot ffa server called Power Hour. I can manage to join Power Hour just fine and have never encountered a problem with connecting to it, or getting disconnected from the server.

    Any help at all would be graciously received, thanks for reading through my post.

  • I’ve seen similar happen when my servers are running 49/50 players and I click to join the last slot. On occasions I can see from remote admin tools that after I begin connecting, someone (probably with a better internet connection) has beaten me into the last slot and filled the server.

    On these occasions I get the same kind of symptoms as yourself.

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