Recovery to fast

  • It seems uncanny that recovery can be almost instant sometimes. noted when just playing bots also
    I deliver a good meaty blow with longsword, swinging into torso of approaching knight bot and
    to my horror he hits me almost walking through it. Some players online even manage this.
    a running archer seems to nowdays be able to load and fire at the same time? Are we being
    led into a Q3 instagib / rail shot game for archers? A bot van just seemed to spam swings
    with hardly a lost of energy. Last Two worth consideration is 1) Knight with longsword
    is almost incredibly slow switching back from throwing axe to long sword and often gets
    killed waiting for the sword. I note others are almost instant switch. The Knight seems to
    be an all round slug nowdays. Even noted that vans and maa’s have 5 throwing knifes?
    Last is Could TB add a Centre view button if players want to bind it. Respawning looking
    at floors or roofs should not exist in this great game were your with sword on respawn.

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