Allow Archers in Team Objective mode only

  • I have noticed while in FFA lately the zest and joy of camping by Archers, not only that but simply
    camping respawn places to snipe players simply respawning. You see a few Knights duelling and
    now its evident at how Archers come running to snipe and stab spam them , even spear spam.

    We know its FFA mode but they seem just op with butter knife as usual, even if you get close
    with lack of health then you have to contend with exceptionally high fov dancing Archer knife
    spam. Let alone they also use the out of bounds stuff on the castle roof firing at players.

    At least in T/O mode or TDM being a team mode they can be shot at, even hidden in parts of map
    by other archers. Was a chase function suppose to allow catching them up as it doesn’t

    Also I suggest that Rank doesn’t increase with Archers but just the unlocking
    of weapons. The times I have caught them simply shooting team mates in the back is
    astounding, when you turn to look they simply gesture aiming at the enemy as if its not
    important. Purposely drawing and spamming arrows at a players regardless of team mates
    in the way and sniping at dudes in spawn even to this day just as match starts.

  • Wait, are you complaining about archers in FFA?

    Oh I just saw who made the thread.

  • archers in ffa are a free kill m8

  • lol archers are 2 ez in FFA

  • On today’s episode of Loin Complaining About Shit; Archers again! Blah blah blah, fov130, clan queen, blah blah tbh /thread.

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