What is wrong with you TB?

  • This game is FULL of bugs, glitches, and exploits everywhere with exceptionally poor netcode. Now you’re telling us you’re going to FURTHER waste your resources and split time coding for a 10 year old console to try and squeeze out every last drop of money from this game? Really? Are you that greedy?

    We all want this game to work properly because it’s fun as all hell but we all know we’d all be gone in a heartbeat if anything similar enough came out because this game is in shambles right now. Stop hiding from the community, stop not listening for input or offering avenues for discussion, and stop releasing games that feel like a shell of what the game COULD be.

  • Torn Banner too scared to answer that.

  • if you dont like TBS dont buy their skins

  • I doubt they are doing the ports themselves, so some support time but you should be glad of new income for the game - it raises the chances of continued support for it.

    I don’t like how they refuse to get any input on what needs to be fixed. I have a bunch of things that are not that much effort, but there is no feedback mechanism - which is the worse thing a developer can do - come up with their own list of priorities.

    Oh my list:

    • archer damage nerf
    • sling gets flinch back
    • dodge cancelling flinch/recovery thingy
    • coldfront king getting little time to escape if long defense
    • new game screen does not show if LTS/TDM etc
    • broadsword/greatsword/maybe messer nerf
    • buff other weapons as needed e.g. flails
    • kick needs to work on slopes/stairs
    • map competition integration
    • health recovery a little faster
    • a little more stamina
    • end game or duel screens cancelling chat
    • windup passing through player models (but not walls)

  • I doubt 10 year old console cod kids will be as nice to TB as we are when they realize that the game is full of bugs and exploits
    Imagine the game crashing on ps3 or xbox when you try to open the server browser, on PC you have the taskmanager at least

  • The port is being handled by another dev. It’s not really gonna affect the way TBS handles the PC version.

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