Two Big Bugs, One Game-breaking

  • 1. After using a ballista, unable to attack, parry, or switch weapons = instant death. Pretty sure this has been in since day one, and it happens about 50% of the time I use a ballista which means I often don’t even bother with maps that use ballistas for the objective.

    2. Problem with vertical collision leads to getting stuck on top of collision bubbles. If you ambush someone from above, you just stand on their head. Really bizarre.

    Extra Credit:

    3. Inconsistent bubble causes problems landing hits with short range (1H) weapons. Not so much a “bug” as a problem with the design. This was never a problem before the June 2013 patch. Now it is often difficult to land a hit with punches or 1H weapons, especially when an enemy quickly turns about face. Their increased collision radius (bubble) and inconsistent chase mechanic (which used to work regardless of angle/positioning) often leads to being unable to close the distance.

    These are just a few random annoyances I encountered in 20 minutes of gameplay this evening. This is such a great game… I wish these bugs (among others) would be fixed once and for all to get rid of the “annoying aspects” of playing Chiv.

  • You should’ve been here a couple of months ago, this new small bubble is heaven compared to that. Although I wouldn’t mind it being removed completely, at least from the back.

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