Weekly Riposte 4 ~Podcast~ Chivalry coming to 360 and ps3

  • Week one - ‘discussion includes the recent patches, the upcoming balance path, low rank servers, the possibility of a Chivalry 2 and more.’

    Week two - ‘discussion includes the recent balance patch, looking back at the old Balance council and its relation to now, the new Steam beta update and more’

    Week three - ‘discussions includes the topic of a possibility of Chivalry going free to play and more’

    And of course, the latest update, Week 4

    I can’t emphasize how much we love reading any feedback you guys may have, so please post away. :D

  • hmm I started to listen, but then realized it was 4.5 hours of listening… just don’t have that much time.

    Interested to hear thoughts after the next balance patch if you can get the listening time down.

  • This is the 4th one from a series that started like 2 months ago. The only new one which the post is for is week 4. :D

    And yeah they can just be lengthy.

  • Unborn, I’d recommend shortening them down to 30-40 min segments. Most people really don’t want to sit through hours of talk. Most of which could be cut with proper time management in discussions. Cheers :-)

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