Time to move on

  • Same here.
    I gave up on the game 2 weeks ago and looking back now I don’t even understand why I stayed so long.
    Just thinking about all the inconsistencys in the game (whether it’s ping or animations or whatever) the balance issues and just in general how little fun and how much frustration the game gave me in my last 300 hours of playing (800 total) gives me goosebumps.
    Recently I played Quake Live for a couple of hours and I was shocked at how much more competitive and fair the game feels compared to chiv.
    I’ll probably come back when the new maps are out AND messer + GS nerf are active but in the long run there is no hope left for me to enjoy it like I once did. The better you get at it the more you notice how broken the game is and at some point you just realize that it’s never gonna be completely fixed and ultimately not worth spending time on anymore. (unless you just wanna troll ofc)

  • Think about this: What’s the real reason we all love chivalry?

  • Every man is the smith of his own fortune in chivalry! That’s why I love it. And the voice commands of course…