A suggest regarding combat as seen in latest video

  • Hello all,

    First, I’d like to say thank you to the development team for carrying this project towards such an ambitious end. Everything is looking great so far.

    I have one suggestion regarding the combat animations I saw in the recent teaser video you released.

    It looks like the models are attacking with their arms instead of their whole bodies. I’m sure you’ve heard that fighters of all sorts thrust by pivoting their hips upon ball of foot to generate maximum power in their attacks.

    I think that the attack animations would look more realistic and ferocious if they displayed a little bit more body torquing.

    Thanks for listening!

    p.s. Has anyone checked out the “Sparticus: Blood & Sand” series? It shows some intense, visceral, and mostly realistic-looking combat in terms of what momentous and fluid combat would look like.

  • I kind agree with what he said.

    Yea spartacus was awesome :P

    Too bad andy had his problems and they released this prequel instead of a new heroic season!!!

  • There will be a real second season early 2012 with Liam McIntyre as Spartacus.

  • Just noticed: Suggest should be suggestion in title…

    Anyway, do any devs have any opinions on my suggestion?

  • Developer

    Two things, one, the usual answer of these animations are placeholder alpha and will be re-polished several times before release. Two, all of the animations you saw were from one-handed weapons, so as we show off the larger, two-handed weapons you’ll get a lot more of that upper body motion following the swing.

    There are also technical reasons why it is sometimes difficult to do much upper body movement with attacks but won’t bother getting into that for now. Also, Spartacus is awesome and I’ve got my fingers crossed that the new guy can pull off the role.

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