Flinch in release

  • So ive been meaning to make this thread for a while but due to my complete lack of faith in tb ive put it off.
    im not sure if people just dont notice or dont care any more, but FIR is still in the game and way worse than it ever was.

    Now instead of flinching strait out of release, you flinch in the release animation AND YOUR FUKING TRACERS STOP during the duration of the flinch. Then you have to finish the release animation and the recovery animation.

    if your recovery time is high enough and there combo time is low enough your gonna get hit twice.

    i cbf making a video just put tracers on and sprint around marveling at the massive gaps in the middle of your attack.

  • Eh? If this actually happened (tracers being disabled or whatever) you wouldn’t ever be able to hit-trade. Not that I enjoy le trades, but I haven’t noticed this effect.

  • it only happens when old flinch in release would happen IE if your sprinting

  • Interesting. I’ll try and test it myself later.

  • Aimpunch: Getting hit makes your screen shake around, which moves your tracers out of the way and makes you miss your enemy. Oh and getting hit in release stops your combo.

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