Amazon payments processing purchase for half an hour.

  • I just bought this game through Torn Banner studios half an hour ago, I received the email from amazon recognizing my purchase, however, I have not received any game code, and the webpage has been on “Processing, waiting for amazon payments” for half an hour now. Is there an issue with Amazon?

  • My browser is stuck on this screen:

    _Thanks for purchasing Chivalry: Medieval Warfare! Please check your email for more information.

    waiting for amazon payments

    While you are waiting for to process the transaction, please consider spreading the word!

    Which is more than a little concerning because Amazon charged me $24.99 to “Humble Bundle, Inc.” but I still don’t have a code to access the game. It’s been about 10 minutes now.

    Some help would be greatly appreciated, since the only reason I didn’t go straight to Steam was your friendly little “We made the game, buy it from us” message. I feel like I’m being taught some sort of a lesson here. :(

  • I’m in the same boat my friend, it felt like the right thing to do, seeing as they made the game and everything. But yes, I’ve been stuck on that same screen for half an hour, and I’m getting a little concerned. Although, no money has been taken out of my account yet.

  • Just for clarification, I just got the email! so excited!

  • Still nothing here.

  • well, it took me more than 45 minutes, so give it some time.

  • Yep, it took about 45 minutes. Friendly suggestion to the developers: you might want to warn your potential paying folks about that one.

  • Did you guys end up getting your game codes from Amazon Payments?

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