The Invitational 1 (TI1): NA 5v5 TO Tournament

  • That is noted. After talking to Chicken, I wanted to say three things.

    1. The logic of the rules breaks down when you consider that the teams didn’t know not playing out the games would have this result.

    2. I’ve talked to Chicken he agreed NIRA and T.r would move on.

    3. He only agreed to this because F|C is a clan’s clan. F|C performed just as well as T.r or NIRA today. When given a prime opportunity to bitch and complain and stir controversy, F|C was cool, understanding, and mature. This tournament was meant for fun, and they recognized this. F|C is basically tits, and I look forward to making this up to them in the future :)

  • Videos for Group B: Nemesis vs Bellator, Bellator vs Equilibrium, Equilibrium vs Nemesis are all up on my youtube channel.

    Was a good day of matches. It was a privilege to stream these clans.

  • In the future wouldn’t it be better to decide ties through an LTS or something? Assigning points like this is just so subjective and there’s so many factors that throw it off. I really feel bad for FC in this situation.

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  • @axlotl:

    In the future wouldn’t it be better to decide ties through an LTS or something? Assigning points like this is just so subjective and there’s so many factors that throw it off. I really feel bad for FC in this situation.

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    In the future an LTS Tiebreaker might be a good solution. The progress on the objectives isn’t really that subjective though. What didn’t work in this case is that the matches weren’t played out. If they were played out, then the score method is minimally subjective and certainly good enough for us if its good enough for UFC Prize fights with tens of thousands on the line (which are much harder to score imho). Even MOBA’s like League of Legends use time as a metric for group stage tournaments, even though for that game doing so discriminates against teams with a legitimate late-game/turtle style (where as in Chiv, there is no reason to not go as fast an far as you can on offense or hold the enemy as far back as you can on defense). The tie-breaker for a 3-way tie was in the rules, but the problem is that people never read the whole rules, and even if they did, wouldn’t imagine that this is actually a likely scenario. The refs even asked the teams if they wanted to play it out in those matches (which is an option commonly given during bracket tournaments).

    I would’ve liked to do an LTS tie-breaker, but by the time I realized that the logic behind the rules required circumstances that weren’t met (the matches played out seriously), it was already too late. I started positing the idea of doing this very thing, but Fight Club itself probably wouldn’t have had their folks considering they wouldn’t have expected to play until 1:00 PM PST. It is regrettable, but this is just another step in improving tournament structure and learning. Group stages always have this potential problem, but we went with a group stage structure to ensure that all the teams could get at least 3 matches in and also to make it easier on the teams since group stages can cram more matches in a shorter period of time than brackets where you have to wait for teams to advance. This allowed us to run four matches at once, so people didn’t have to commit to an entire day or wait around indeterminate lengths for their next match.

  • Nira does not approve of what sai did; that should go without saying. We would have done just fine continuing to attempt to kill the king and the match probably would have scored about the same; why she did that, I have no idea. Neither I, or any other member of Nira, told her to do that-it was solely on her own accord. I understand Sai did this because the game had already been lost, but we as a team decided to play it out. Sai is a great player, but in general, she wasn’t taking the match seriously whatsoever (I can name numerous instances besides the teamswitch, but there’s no point); she wasn’t even in our teamspeak. I would gladly accept a DQ, I don’t really care, but my teammates do. So on their behalf and mine, thank you F|C.

  • Great job Nira, best of luck!

  • Thank you to all teams that participated! It was a great tournament. Just gonna take this post to thank the people who made this possible:

    Numerous clans donated servers. This was the first ever chiv tournament to host 4 games simultaneously, all with refs and streamers. To do that, we needed servers, and clans stepped up.

    Eq- Worked with me to get their server ready even while getting ready to play their own matches.
    Lg- Donated two servers to the cause.
    F- Particular shoutout to F for letting us use their server last minute when two of the other servers weren’t showing up on the list and no one could join them.
    T- Donated their server for both games on Saturday and Sunday.
    F|C- Even during their matches, Chicken was tryin to work with me to make sure we could use the FC3 server to help another match.
    Nemesis- Never has there been a smoother process for agreeing upon a server not scheduled to take place. Got permission from all the folks, got the settings right. Even did one match on T and one match on Nem’s server to alleviate ping differences.

    Next comes all the refs that made the tournament run smooth and who helped immensely.

    Pnobio- Stepped in the day before to ref matches on Saturday when we desperately needed folks. Showed up on time and ready to go for all three of the matches that we asked him to, especially when that server was supposed to have refs that got moved to another server to cover for folks.
    Massi- Incredibly supportive of the tournament helping me look for extra streamers and refs, offering to cocast, and reffing matches of his own. <3
    DARK- Reffing with your friend is one thing, but DARK also stayed and reffed more games on Saturday after Massi had to leave. Tried to find him another ref but he was all, “If you can’t, don’t worry man. I GOT DIS!” and wrecked it solo.
    Till & Curly- Not only did Till ref three game on Saturday, he also found Curly to help ref with him. In games where we needed all the refs we could get, t’was tremendously appreciated and I’m thankful for them both.
    Tyrannis- Ref’d the first games on Saturday and was invaluable when we were forced to use the F server due to other servers having problems. Very perceptive and did a great job.
    Kiri- The day of the tournament I asked him and he said he’d be able to do one game, and that he did. Kiri such clutch.
    Flounder- Ref’d all the Sunday games with me. Got through that day with only two refs because Flounder was down to handle business, and he also ref’d numerous games last tournament as well. Flounder Pro Chiv Ref.
    Chrisomatic- Not only did he ref all the games he was asked for on Saturday, but he read the rules, beared with technical difficulties at the start, and said things along the way to make me feel pretty. <3
    Pills- He only signed up for one match, and that match never happened because of a no show, but he was there as early as possible and had the foresight to only sign up for one match and not overextend.

    The other group of folks that were instrumental in making this all work were the streamers:

    Woohoopy- Had a streamer noshow and some problems with backup streamers, but Woohoopy stepped in the day of and saved the day for the only match he could cover. Much love!
    Chuck- As far as I’m aware, this was his first casting opportunity and the asshat did an amazing job. Brought along great cocasters like Mike, Zombo, and Pills who were awesome to have as well. Even streamed a show match of Lg vs B so viewers had somethin to watch when their opponents didn’t show.
    Clay- Not only did he stream three matches though he was crunched for time cuz Clay is important peoples, not only did he do a lot of solocastin which gets hard after 3 games especially, but he always kept me updated on the matches. Good man Clay. Good man.
    Skillz- Incredibly supportive of the tournament. He worked with me to make sure that the T.r team wouldn’t be unfairly stacked, streamed four games in the tournament, and did great work with cocasters like Xale and Stinker (who also did great).
    Lg Mike- Streamed the second match on Saturday that we had trouble finding a streamer for. Stepped up last minute when we needed him. Good guy Legion.
    Zombo- Offered to help save the day, and very well would have if his internet hadn’t gone screwy. Still, Zombo has supported numerous tournaments in the past and even the teams directly by covering their scrims. He’s always ready to help.

    The support staff for the tournament and all this wouldn’t be anything without the teams though, so I also wanted to really thank each team for coming out:

    Fight Club: I can’t say enough good things about these guys. The way things worked out, they got screwed. They deserved to move on to Sunday no doubt and fought exceedingly well. As far as I’m concerned, you guys finished in place 1-4. They handled the situation with remarkable maturity though. Gaming communities often get shit for being immature and jerkish. Fight Club is the exact opposite. They’re also a great community in general, so head over to their constantly populated 40 person server.

    Hardwire: These guys were missing two of their best players for the last 2 games and 3 of them for the first one. They still showed up and played their hearts out. They were one of two clans I know of to sport players under rank 30 and they still got a better time on Stoneshill Objective 1 than the 3rd place winners of the tournament. Looking forward to seeing more of them in the future! They’re also a great community that plays multiple games, probably the largest community to have a team take part in the tourny.

    NIRA: Stan left a team that consistently won tournaments to join Muffin and build something, and the scene is grateful that he has. NIRA surprised everyone with an awesome match against T.r on Saturday and made it to 4th place in the tournament, even after scrambling for a rank 37 mercenary. There’s no telling where they might eventually go. They even went out of their way to ensure it was known that certain things weren’t condoned by them, though honestly no one who knows Stan would think that’d be something a clan of his would condone.

    GoD: GoD is the other clan to sport folks under 30 in matches against folks that were all high forties-fifties. To do so as a new clan takes tremendous balls, but GoD got progressively better each time. I play with the guys and they’re all good peoples, but to have a clan that gets progressively better by learning from their mistakes even when members have less individual experience compared to other teams… that is what makes me excited to see what GoD has in store.

    Equilibrium: Eq has always been one of the best clans for the community. This particular tournament, they worked with me to make sure that they brought a fair roster. Eq has an A-team that is just scary (Gauntlet, Flame, Unborn, etc.). However, they only used one or two of their captains at any one time and used this as a chance to get their newer recruits some tournament experience. They had a couple really good games and were more than cooperative. This is a tourny organizer’s dream clan Selflessly donating game servers, ts3 servers, and refs whenever needed but also working with me while they are in tournaments to ensure everything is above board.

    Tempest Recruits: It was looking questionable whether you guys would even got an acceptable roster since I didn’t want any Tempest/CE members to bolster your ranks. However, you guys found the people and performed awesomely. People may associate this team with Tempest’s tradition, but pretty much all of these players were either new to comp (like Frodz) or left another clan that also would’ve been allowed to play in the tournament (Apus and Entropy exploded, Nohbody was from Bellator). When Sir Loin couldn’t make it, I was worried, but you guys showed up and played your hearts out and convincingly took the Bronze for the tournament. Congratulations!

    Bellator: You’d be hard to find a better group of guys in all of Chivalry. Not only were their matches exciting to watch, but they were also tremendously supportive of pretty much everything. When their first team didn’t show on Wednesday they agreed to a show match against Lg which was a lot of fun. When they lost in the finals, rather than instantly quit the server, they played the match out and consistently congratulated their opponents. Not only are they a clan worthy of taking the Silver for this tournament, but they are also just a stellar group that is always growing, always getting better, and always a pleasure to deal with.

    Nemesis: Not too long ago, I had a talk with a member who was under the impression that they might have garnered the reputation of being a scrub clan. That obviously wasn’t true then, but certainly no one is under that impression now. Nemesis went undefeated in this tournament in rather convincing fashion. They are a team that has never been afraid to recruit non-comp players and raise them up, and the leadership of Infernal and Palaceer has certainly seen them accomplish those goals. It was great having them and they truly are more worthy of being called the TI1 Champions than anyone else (even Na’vi).

    Again, thanks to everyone I talked about above as well as the folks that upvoted things on reddit or checked out the streams. People constantly talk crap about gaming communities, but that’s just because it is easier to be upset than notice all the things right with it. I’ll shut up now :P

  • Slow day huh height

  • Well the biggest thanks goes to HeighofButtsurdity.

    He continues to organize and run all these tournaments even with the usual flak he gets from random parties throughout. While others have come and gone, Height continues to push Chivalry comp scene forward for no other reason but the love of the game.

    So thanks A hole. The community is better for having you do all this. We all look forward to the next one.

    tl;dr I hate Height

  • @ChuckingIt:

    Well the biggest thanks goes to HeighofButtsurdity.

    He continues to organize and run all these tournaments even with the usual flak he gets from random parties throughout. While others have come and gone, Height continues to push Chivalry comp scene forward for no other reason but the love of the game.

    So thanks A hole. The community is better for having you do all this. We all look forward to the next one.

    tl;dr I hate Height

    I also hate Height. That beautiful bastard.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Exile the Wolf from Bellator here! Been tryna find the right words to describe how much fun this whole weekend was, but I’ll sum it up by saying thank you so much to everyone involved in this. This is exactly what the community needs: solid tournaments with solid players and solid casters and refs. Much love to all the clans involved, awesome matches to the teams we faced and of course, a HUGE congrats to our brothers in Nemesis for takin’ home the gold! You guys definitely deserved the W! :D

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