RPGs - Dark Souls, Dragon's Dogma, etc.

  • As the title suggests, I’ve been playing these games lately and especially enjoying DD. Anybody else play these games or know any good RPGs of a similar nature? I’m not a huge fan of The Witcher series, but games along the lines of Dragon Age and Dragon’s Dogma are welcomed. Note: game does not require dragons. Dragons don’t make a game good automatically, see Skyrim for example.

  • Dragons dogma looked solid. Too bad it was for consoles only

  • What’s wrong with Skyrim? It’s a great mod platform.

    There aren’t many games similiar to Dark Souls or Dragon’s Dogma. Play Demon’s Sous if you haven’t already and then just wait for poor man’s Dark Souls aka Lords of the Fallen.

  • skyrim is a bad game with a lot of good mods tbh

    if i had to play it vanilla id rip my eyes out

  • @zombojoe:

    skyrim is a bad game with a lot of good mods tbh

    if i had to play it vanilla id rip my eyes out

    Yeah, well, what kind of dumbass plays vanilla Skyrim? That’s like only playing the UDK cube map.

  • ^ this is what I’m referring too. Just played half the Skyrim campaign on Ps3 a couple months back, worst console experience since Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts. Dragons Dogma, console or no, is def worth multiple playthroughs. The combat is awesome and dynamic, including climbing ogres, Cyclops, dragons of course, and various others. 9 classes, large map, skill progression with freedom to swap around at any point, satisfying loot, party mechanics like DA, cheesy story-line and hilarious Japanese attempts at making things seem “Americanized”.

    Also I’ll def check out that Lords game, you’re alright for a dirty communist European. Greasy Canadian signing off.

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