Coldfront mega crash/dc.

  • Today I was playing on a public full 32p server - on Coldfront.

    What happened is everyone got disconnected on first stage after 10s lag. I (and 2 other guys) somehow survived that “crash”. Here are the screenshots:

    "Opuszcza bitwę" = "Abandons the battle"

    I don’t know what caused it, pings were fine at that moment. I can’t provide any .dmp files as the players said that they just got disconnected. Weird.

  • If you know of anyone that did crash would they be able to provide a copy of the latest .dmp file (or a dmp file from when the crash occurred?)

  • Sadly it was just a huge disconnect for everyone as i’ve said earlier.

    No crashes (so no .dmp files), but still annoying.

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