FPS lag problem + others

  • I can feel lag even on the menu.
    If i play on 32 max players i can do from 60 to 100 fps (but never smooth gameplay).
    I usually play on SM server, 50 people. When full it look like i make 10 fps even if the game show me from 30 (or less) to 50/60 (sometimes more) (never smooth).
    All settings are low. Resolution is: 1280x1024. Max ragdolls: 9. Max decals: 8
    Sometimes i have vlc in background, but it is the same when it is closed.
    Ping is 60/70 on official servers. On SM server from 90 to… sometimes 200.
    Here is the link of my dxdiag and all launclogs files: https://www.mediafire.com/?0h3e68dkg2befg1

    NOTE: This happens since some patches from spring 2013. Before them, using older pc, i could play perfectly with all high settings without problems. Now i have new and better pc. Looks like worst

    last one: Sometimes steam overlay crashes, usually while using browser.


    P.S. sorry for bad english.
    edit: running in 32bit or 64bit doesn’t make changes.

  • Nope, its same for all server.

  • Well the 50 slot servers does take up a fair bit more processing from the client end of things and also expect more server processing latency than a 16 slot duel. A lot fo this relates to the netcode, the servers themselves have a load of spare cpu cycles/memory/bandwidth but the game doesn’t cope very well at very high slot levels.

    It seems a bit weird that you’re sometimes getting 60-100fps without smooth gameplay. Was wondering when you say ‘never smooth’ is it fps lag or some teleporting - in this case fps might be fine but connection to the servers might be an issue.

    Can we get an idea of your PC specs? The lag that you mention does it happen all the time or primarily when you’re in the middle of a large melee?

  • No teleporting, just even with 50/60 fps i feel like i play with 10/15. if i spawn and do nothing i can easy have 120 fps, when i move they start go down, in combat with lot of peoples get drop under 30 sometimes.
    Specs are in dxdiag file i hosted if you need.
    The fact is, why if i more than a year ago i could play wih all settings high without problems with a bad pc, now with more powerful pc i have to play shit even on all low?

  • ahh yeah thanks I missed that. The dxdiag “Crashed in system information (stage 1)” - so my first obvious question is any odd cpu/drivers setups and creative overclocking?

    I assume this wasn’t a new system where backup of an old system was applied to it? (those buggers always cause problems)

    At least from a gfx and memory perspective that system should be handling the game well.

    If dxdiag is still crashing on the cpu end of things, you can also try msinfo32 instead

    Looking at some of the more technical details I’ll guess the CPU is an AMD 6 core and a pretty fast one too so something is definitely amiss here as I’d expect it to be running much better

  • I have also been having this problem over the last month or so, but today is unbearable. Frames are good, seldom dropping below 70. Cpu is good, around 70% usage. Overheating is not it, as both the cpu and gpu are fine, with temps of 45 celcius and 65 respectively.

    I have the graphics on almost all low, except for a res of 2560x1440. As I said, the games fps is high, but the game play is not even a little smooth. If i had to describe what it looked and felt like, it would be input lag and extreme motion blur mixed together. Overall very sluggish. blocking is a guessing game at this point, as I cannot see the animations fully. Hopefully it is just a problem with our pc’s and not a bigger issue

    EDIT: seems to be ok now. I deleted the chivalry folder in my documents and it reset all settings. also changed virtual frame in system settings from TRUE to FALSE.

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