Would killmoves be possible?

  • I love melee games that feature killmoves or w/e you want to call it, like skyrim… a person is almost dead and you can perform a killmove that has a chance of occurring. (Not implying that’s how it should be for chivalry: warfare)

    I think it would be badass to add a such thing to a melee game… I mean a shooter like bf3 has it for crying out loud, with a knife. most of the time that’s the only reason I play a good melee game, I think it just looks plane good, and very satisfying to kill someone in such a manner. I mean, killing someone like that besides hack and slashing would be amazing, I would play this game for a very long time if this can happen. Maybe you guys should find out a way this can be possible… like maybe there would be AT LEAST a specific way you can pull it off. or maybe you could built up a bar of rage or bloodthirst, or something… and trigger it somehow when a person HP is drained to 0% hp and they will occasionally give you a chance to finish them off… you know… like how mortal kombat is when you finish them off? if you live long enough. Brutal killmoves FTW.

    Of course you don’t have to use it, but i just think it would be a very cool addition to the game. If you get can get away with it… you sir, are a badass.

  • I don’t like kill moves because it takes you out of the driver seat and leaves you open. I guess you don’t have to use them, but I’d rather not encourage them.

  • Of course you don’t have to use it, if other people want to use it then that’s what they want to do. I know I sure as hell want to do this.

  • Yeah, executions would be tight. Just for show, cool animations. Perhaps they could trigger by walking up to an enemy while he’s playing a death animation (like when they slowly keel over) and hitting a predetermined execution kill. There’d have to be quite a few different animations though to prevent it from getting stale, but it’d be an awesome inclusion.

  • War of the roses has executions as part of the game play.
    You execute somebody as a finishing move and it stops them being revived by team mates.

    Each killing move is different depending on the weapon you are armed with.

    It adds a certain personal feeling to a game that shows you first person as you get stabbed to death while helpless.

  • Yeah, a personal feeling of boredom and frustration as it happens for the fiftieth time. Or when your own performed execution gets interrupted for the tenth time and your opponent gets revived with 30 holes in his face.

  • Or seeing your opponent 's sword going through your head three times, but as he was interrupted, you don’t die.

  • Not something i would like myself, I don’t really like the idea that there are any moves that just magically happen by pressing a hotkey. I like that you have to execute every move yourself and don’t really see kill moves adding much tbh, one of several things i really disliked about wotr, just a silly mechanic that takes you out of the fight for a few seconds.

  • No it wont work… Your sitting there doing a 2 second kill move, and the other guys team mate is like … yes hes doing akill move, FREE KILL -beheads you-

  • YOU DON’T HAVE TO KILLMOVE, but adding unique kills to the game would make it look better, then just a boring ass hack and slash.

    I’ve already gotten plenty of that playing Age Of Chivalry hl2 mod, I need to see some improvement in a game, not just swinging your sword back and forth like a child which is all I see happen with most players…

    trigger it somehow when a person HP is drained to 0% hp and they will occasionally give you a chance to finish them off… you know… like how mortal kombat is when you finish them off? you will get a choice to do it or not.

  • You can already perform your own kind of execution. Kick someone’s corpse over, chop his head off, slash him to the ground, make a taunt when he’s on the floor, push him off a cliff, whatever you like. An incapacitating execution-loop just wouldn’t make any sense on such small maps and fast-paced action, it would be nothing at all like the feeling you get from BF3 or WotR.

    Personally I wouldn’t play anything I considered a boring ass-hack and slash though, even if it had ‘killmoves’.

  • The game already has kill moves in it,its called stab someone in the chest and then kick their nearly lifeless body off a bridge and watch them disappear into the ocean or sprint at them with a battle axe and do a running jump while doing a battle cry and executing an overhead swing and split their head in half or slice someones belly open and as they drop to their knees you take their head off an kick the remaining corpse to the ground.

  • I would make for cloggy gameplay. That’s why they added the decapitations and such, it’s basically the same thing but more fluid and doesn’t become an automated thing.

  • Pressing a button that makes your character decapitate someone is nowhere near as satisfying as standing in front of them yourself and then aiming at their throat and taking their head off. It also takes skill to be able to take heads mid fight :D

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