Some of my thoughts on possible balance patch changes

  • Chase mechanic PLZ!!! for the love of god. Needs to kick in sooner or immediately and give more of a boost, it was much better before and it somehow just doesn’t even work now. I would have it kick in the moment someone turns their back and give more of a boost than currently.

    Archers need to be nerfed more, arrow/bolt damage reduction across the board. Also, with crossbows there should be a delay from aiming down sight to firing… you cant even see them raise the thing before your head explodes. Maybe some kind of thing where they can’t just hold still and hold it up at you so you have no way of telling when they’re going to fire… there’s literally nothing you can do to attempt to dodge it without a shield, and shields fucking suck as far as anti-archer goes.

    Maa 4 dodge was the best implementation, no reason they need to be able to do 5 and still attack and feint too and knights still lose the stamina battle. They can have their footspeed idc, just nerf that dodge ffs. Either reduce the amount of dodging, the distance, or make a longer time to attack after dodging. Reducing distance will force them to also parry in some situations, or make them actually choose a directional side dodge depending on the attack their opponent does… rather than just dodging backwards to get out of everything imaginable… just a thought.

    Flinch - Hit trades are a problem because flinch is broken now, there are so many times that people don’t flinch at all, or after being hit, they can attack immediately as if riposting off them being hit. Also, the game has a weird way of identifying if someone is hit in windup or release… might want to look into that. Flinch times could also use a SLIGHT increase, you shouldn’t gain initiative from being hit, that just doesn’t make sense. Fix dodge out of flinch, and secondary switch flinch bypass.

    Please god reduce the stamina cost of parrying, 1vN battles are won by even the noobiest of players simply because of stamina.

    Make parrying HARDER… the parry box must be an orb of protection now, you can be directly behind someone looking at the back of their head, and hit them from distance without the attack clipping through model, and their back parries/blocks the attack, this is absolutely unacceptable.

    Kicks need to actually hit shit.

    Vanguard charge - just remove the damn thing until you can get it right… and by RIGHT I mean, make it go the same or at least similar distance each time and also have a similar or the same speed of attack. Perhaps you could also increase the turncap for sword charges, no more 360 charge attacks. I would also like to see these be flinchable, at least if they haven’t started it yet. (currently vanguards can get hit right before charge but if the charge initiates at about the same time of the hit, they still go forward with the charge… they also don’t get canceled out of full sprint if they parry… i’ve seen people parry and then charge right after the parry)

    Firepots - reduce spread maybe? or damage over time? maybe fix the invisible fire?

    Smokepots - buff em more, have them cover more area or last longer or give 3-4 of them. They don’t do damage so they might as well be effective to cover team from archer fire. They don’t last long enough nor cover enough to be super effective. I don’t want to go OP level, but they could use a little help.

    Weird suggestion - can knights have throwing knives? i kinda like them, and this is done in DW so … why not?


    Greatsword- Increase windup time, and reduce release time

    Brandistock - Nerf damage, slashes are fine now… this guy apparently doesn’t know they’ve been slowed down and can be parried now.

    Maul - windup speed for overheads increased, it’s a hit trade god right now.

    Broadsword - reduce stab damage and increase stab windup to where it was when chivalry came out, stab is too lucrative and the only attack ever needed/used at about a 90% variety level. I would do this to the shortsword too.

    Messer- increase slash windup

    zweihander - less release time

    longsword - buff overhead to 3 shotting knights torso (old longsword)

    warhammer - buff range

    flail - buff range/release time

    that’s what i can think of for now… feel free to add or discuss.

  • @Sir:

    Please. It needs to be fixed.

    Should’ve been fixed ages ago.

  • All of these are good suggestions. An idea for firepots might be that they only do continuous damage to a player if they are inside of its area of effect or if the player is directly hit by the pot. The area of effect damage could even be raised a little.

  • They should just get rid of dodge. They don’t appear to be able to balance it properly, nor fix its buggy mechanics.

  • Please add a SoW/LS stab windup nerf (both are as fast) and a messer overhead windup nerf to prevent more stupid hit trading and unreadable lookdown feints. 2h swords have the most OP animations in the game allowing you to hit the target at the start of the release or whenever you want, this is as bad as handle hits with polearms like back in the day. All 2h Swords but the zwei need longer windups period.

    Archer needs around a 15-20% damage nerf. Just reduce their fire rate, reloading should cost stamina and they shouldn’t be able to reload without enough stamina.

    The stamina pool feels too low, or maybe it’s the parrying that feels too expensive.

  • for firepots i don’t think they need to do any more damage, a damage over time thing would be nice, but i’d put a limiter on it in that you’d have to stand inside it for more than a second and a half or 2 seconds before it starts doing dps.

    Longsword doesn’t need a stab speed nerf, the longsword has the smoothest animations of any sword in the game damn near. SoW, maybe, but that’s basically what it’s got going for it is stabs.

    Stamina pool is low because cftp is very costly, and parries are too costly, makes 1v2+ damn near impossible, even nooobs.

    As far as most broken animations? Polearms i would say.

    This game need some serious optimization too, i literally have every setting on low or OFF, and still get shit fps on most of the maps. Don’t have the latest and greatest hardware any more… but it’s far from potato level, especially when i can play EVERY OTHER GAME ON THE MARKET pretty much at ultra high settings (max settings)

    Terrible lag in the servers too, and random ass ping spikes which last until the end of the server. They should probably set them to reboot at least once a day if they aren’t already. I know NFO and Simrai you can set schedules to restart them daily when they are empty.

  • Either remove firepots, or change them such that they aren’t guaranteed damage. As it stands, there is absolutely no defense for their current properties.

    No nerf needed for the LS, it is already overshadowed by the other swords.

    I’d love for broad/shortsword stabs to be nerfed, if only to make people use a different attack/weapon. Unfortunately, they are basically the only viable options for MAA and archers.

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