Do use a cooker?

  • Due to the untimely death of my Microwave , in my kitchen I had to use the cooker today?
    As the kitchen had to be cleared of computers to get to it plus a hunt for a pan it turned out
    quite ok. I cooked my first cooker made meal in 5 years. Do any of you actually cook your
    food on one? Or are we all a microwave generation of gamers like me?

  • :O

    The only time I use the microwave is the occasional heating of things from tins, which that isn’t very often.

    I typically use the cooker most days as most of the food I make is fresh and requires a bit of prep.
    You should try a few recipe books, you’ll surprised how much nicer some of the stuff you can make actually is

  • I will try a more ambitious cooker meal today. After this mornings fried egg and your helpful post Mr MonkeyFiend
    later on I will try a 2 or 3 item meal cooked on this cooker.

  • I have no room for an oven. I have a stovetop on its own and a microwave. Since I managed to get pot to ceiling flames making macaroni sauce the old fashioned way in foods class at high school I use the microwave for pretty much everything. I can barbecue but it cook. Unless you classify bursting into flames as cooked. Also my microwave is essentially a death ray in a box. 1800W commercial microwave. Scored it off trademe.

  • Well compared to me Mr Lemonater47 you are an expert hehe. Having purchased a lot of pc parts and systems I am not
    in the mood to go hunting down another microwave atm. I might just by a second pan and try this cooker system
    for a week to be fair.

  • Well I needed a microwave as the flat I got didn’t have one. It has a weird stovetop thing with no oven. Got cupboards under it. The ones in the shop were tiny little things. Looked on trademe (NZ equivalent of eBay) saw this death ray monster of a microwave that this catering business was selling at the same price of the cheap ones in the shops. Your average microwave is 900W. The powerful home microwaves are 1200W. This ones 1800W. Powered by nukes.

    Dumb as there’s barely any settings on the thing. Cooking instruction’s on things say to put it in the microwave for say a minute. If I did it for a minute it would have melted. 20 seconds in my microwave. Some things that say they are microwave safe aren’t safe in this microwave. Big numbers aren’t always for the best.

    Get a big electric frypan thing. You can do lots of stuff with that. Without the fire risk.

  • I always cook food myself tbh. Much better imo, then i get what I want tbh.

  • Microwave ovens are the worst invention of all time. They are literally only good for heating water.

  • @Xylvion:

    I always cook food myself tbh. Much better imo, then i get what I want tbh.

    Indeed, I just had a most fulfilling lunch that I made from scratch.

  • I survive on Tim Hortons bagels.

  • I only use the microwave to reheat properly cooked food. And popcorn.

  • microwave is pretty good for heating up liquids

  • @dudeface:

    I only use the microwave to reheat properly cooked food. And popcorn.


  • were are your recipes you gourmet plebbypeonpeasants. Considering that avatar Mr zombojoe I do expect a recipe
    fit for a king. Or is reheating your tea the limit of your chef look?

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