BETA - Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Patch 30

  • Maps
    Fortification Map Contest winners added to the game!
    Belmez, Castle Assault, Cove, Drunken Bazaar, and King’s Garden are now part of the game!

    • AOCTO-Belmez_p
    • AOCTO-CastleAssault_P
    • AOCTO-Cove_p
    • AOCTO-DrunkenBazaar_p
    • AOCTO-KingsGarden_p


    • Reduced Messer slash damage from 95 to 90.
    • Increased Greatsword slash windup from 0.5 to 0.55
    • Increased Greatsword overhead windup from 0.5 to 0.6
    • Increased Brandistock slash windup from 0.5 to 0.6
    • Increase chase mechanic boost to speed by 10%

    Listen servers added

    • Players can now host their own servers and play with their friends. Start a listen server from the Create Game screen.
    • The Steam master server will not NAT punch; i.e., unless you forward ports on your router (default: 7777 and 27015) you will not see your server in the server browser. However, it will show as a LAN server on your LAN, and will also be joinable through the Steam friends list (not the Friends tab in the browser)
    • Several issues vs. the previous beta where this was enabled are solved.
    • A remaining issue: cannot download workshop items from a listen server. However, you can still play with custom maps/mods so long as you’ve downloaded them before you join the server


    • Fixed: Ballista sometimes rotate on the wrong axis and get rotation-limited

    • The title was not being shown on horde weapon purchase boxes…now it shows properly

    • Fix: Listen server host: Smoke and Oil pots have no particle effects. I think this was also happening in Standalone? Should be fixed for both now.

    • Fixed issue where a crash happens when you

      • 1. Open Join Game
      • 2. Through Join Game, join a Full server, server with different DLC than you, or server that otherwise fails the “open” command
      • 3. Through Join Game, join another (or the same) server
    • Fixed tabs at top of server browser jittering or going dark inappropriately

    • Fixed some audio code that was crashing (uncertain incidence rate)

    • Fixed an odd game exiting crash

    • Scaled/moved the helmet socket to keep from clipping with the hair.

    • Re-copied the sockets to make the agatha vanguard have sidearms visible on him.

    • Fixed bug where one would have to repeatedly download the same workshop content if they remained on the same server where it was initially downloaded from


    • Added more patterns to dlc vanguards

    • If the server is set to have a limited vote map list then all votechangemap console commands will also adhere to the limited vote map list

    • Disable anims after ragdoll, and disable all skelmesh ticking when physics asleep

      • Reduces creepiness, reduces performance hit

    Maps - details

    All new maps:

    • Strings localizable
    • Sound pass
    • Hud and Scoreboard indication pass
    • Collision pass

    Drunken Bazaar

    • HUD tweaks. Removed some side objectives.(Build a bridge by standing here for 5 seconds.)
    • lighting/atmosphere pass on giving drunken bazaar its own character
    • moved assets from drunken bazaar map files to art package.
    • Created custom mesh for the rivers/waterfalls. Modified the particles around the waterfalls.
    • Added grates to the pool you poison so the water is now coming from and going to somewhere.
    • Reworked the Library Area. Arranged Book Shelves on two floors, in two clusters per floor, allowing for easier defense.
    • Removed a few unnecessary side items
    • Improved HUD indication with progress bars
    • Various Collision fixes
    • Raised path nodes to prevent peasants from spawning under landscape
    • HUD overhaul with localization setup
    • Removed Drunk shader on Objective complete. It now only impacts players in the water
    • Kismet cleanup
    • Added in merchants in the stalls.
    • Put light sources and brighter lights in stalls.
    • A lot of lighting stuff and adding light sources to the palace.
    • Reworked foliage in gardens in palace and the grass material therein.
    • Put some floors in some houses.
    • Fixed normals on desert oasis houses

    Castle Assault

    • Added torches past the burnable wagons.
    • Setup rear spawn area further from the king.
    • Replaced King spawn walls with new one.
    • Castle Assault art split off to art sublevel.
    • Setting filtering on decals.
    • Decal filtering, lightmap settings, tweaked fog, added dark landscape layer for under the river so it looks like it’s actually under water, set palm trees to dynamic lighting
    • made the river unlit, cheaper and looked weird in the spots that were in light
    • Put in a skylight

    King’s Garden

    • Split path before King OBJ
    • Final King path tweaks.
    • got rid of full scene dynamic lighting, adjusted some lightmap resolutions.
    • Relit floors one and two of the palace, added in lightsources too.
    • Sped up ram animation a bit.
    • Covered a minor hole in the landscape (cliff mesh floating a bit).
    • Added in bounce lights
    • Added in some artwork on the wall in the palace.
    • A couple meshes slightly moved/swapped.


    • HUD/Localization setup. Barricades added after ram. Spawn exit improvements. Minor props added for cover/variance at end of push.
    • cove art moved to cove_art.
    • Changed sky and water. Slight lighting change.
    • Modified grass, had to recreate it moving the level to internal repository
    • tweaked cathedral lighting. Modified cathedral arched door meshes. Some material swapping in the cathedral so all ceilings now don’t use wall materials. Arted the cannons and gave them a cannon particle.
    • Removed toggleable point lights, were causing a slight build crash.
    • added sound to door destruction on battering ram into church
    • made cove ram wheel’s spin faster so they slide less.
    • toggle off the fire and dynamic lights after 16 seconds when you burn the libraries.
    • Set phys mats on all materials in civ-cove.
    • Fixed instances of players falling through the map


    • Added forward spawn option to skip boat segment.
    • Cleaned up the swamp paths, added visual blockers and path dividers.
    • Added Cover to the swamp area.
    • Replaced Left swamp path with a bridge to vary the area a bit.
    • Added a Hut for Cover on the right Path.
    • Added Ramp collision to the spawn boats.
    • Added a structure + trees to the end of the pushable path to provide cover, and add a flanking option.
    • HUD/Scoreboard integration and Localization strings.
    • Belmez Switched non gameplay matinee to client side.
    • Replaced a few static interp actors with static meshes, swapped all the decalmovableactors for decalactors, changed interpactor sky to static mesh.
    • Had to recreate the landscape, original painting intact but foliage layers lost, he water line is now mud instead of there being grass underwater.
    • A lot of little optimization things, lighting settings, phys assets, changing dynamic actor types that aren’t dynamic to static actor classes.
    • Added indication when one puts out a fire
    • hefty lighting revamp in the whole of the keep, a lot of the first wall.
    • Redid the wall material with vertex paint and object radius scaling so the texels should all be the same size.
    • Raised some swamp paths that were a little too sunken.
    • Added fill lights in forest around the corpse tree.
    • Added destruction particle effects on cart+gate.
    • footstep sounds

    BETA 2

    Balance Changes

    • Messer Slash reverted 90 damage back to 95
    • Messer OH windup slowed 0.55 to 0.6
    • Messer OH damage increased from 90 to 95
    • Messer OH damage type changed to cut from chop
    • Greatsword OH windup changed from 0.6 to 0.575
    • Broadsword stab windup increased from 0.45 to 0.5
    • Warbow dmg from 105 to 90
    • Crossbow dmg from 113 to 90
    • Light Crossbow dmg from 90 to 70
    • Warhammer OH dmg from 80 to 82
    • Warhammer stab dmg from 35 to 40


    • fixed cove door collision
    • deleted duplicate ballistae, lifts rope, and ammo boxes

    Kings Garden

    • Fixed collision entering palace and off of mason first spawn
    • Blocked off second floor windows to prevent archers shooting down on the ram when it’s at the gate, the backside is still open.
    • Added midground larges cale blockers to first area.

    Bug Fixes

    • Switching to fists causes a broadsword to appear floating
    • Pavise shield shows up on the waist of an archer using a pavise shield
    • Pavise shield is invisible while planting
    • Default model of shield added to fix some clients inability to fully stream shields
    • Fixed crash that sometimes occurs during map transitions
    • Added Physmat settings for Cove and Castle Assault

    Listen Server

    • Added further debug logging for listen server SDK
    • replicate movement more frequently if server is a listen server because listen server host won’t do position interpolation
    • fix double-tracers on listen servers to prevent Hosts from receiving double damage
    • Listen server’s host’s pawn’s ownermesh flips off / 3P mesh flips on without provocation

    BETA 3

    Balance Changes

    • Broadsword OH windup increased from 0.4 to 0.45
    • Light crossbow damage increased to 80 from 70
    • Crossbow damage reverted to 113


    • Added Message of the Day functionality for dedicated servers


    • Added and tweaked Objective Points
    • Added a marker to the optional door in the Cathedral.
    • Set Torches to distance based HUD to reduce marker clutter.
    • Fixed broken indication on the alter.
    • Removed a campy archer spot by the Cathedral door.
    • Removed exploit locations.
    • Reduced torches needed to burn down archer towers.
    • It is now required to complete all of the Cathedral objectives for victory.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a Crash caused by Bink video during loading transitions
    • Players should now keep their own ranks while in a listen server
    • When dodging in flinch state Man-At-Arm can no longer attack until flinch timer has expired
    • Fixed texture issue on mason archer Barb
    • Addressed some concerns on Belmez
    • Tweaks on contest maps
    • Avian rage now properly drops when wielder is killed

    Listen Server

    • SDK Maps are now available in Listen Servers

    BETA 4

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed Listen Server Authentication
    • Players are no longer wearing double helmets
    • Bastard Swords no longer appear as broadswords
    • Clean up surface properly after MOTD is dismissed
    • Renamed Contest maps to discern between SDK versions
    • Added lights in Castle Assault bridge area

    BETA 5

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed 32bit users unable to create custom listen servers
    • Fixed DLC Knight switching to fists from flail
    • Weapon skins variants no longer highlight until equipped

    RC 1

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed flashing pawn in customization screen
    • Fixed battering ram with shield / weapon equipped
    • Fixed map names in create a game, Localization, and Maplist command
    • Added map variants to Create a game
    • Readded Outpost to Create a game
    • Fixed selecting microtx items in-game
    • Fixed blood appearing on weapons
    • Fixed weapon Static meshes not dropping on death

    RC 2

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed crash when you have a server started and you try to start another one(Dedicated and Listen)
    • New and Sales items highlighting in the customization screen
    • Killing peasants in Drunken Bazaar won’t be counted as a TK
    • Load saved weapon customization choices in customization screen instead of resetting them

    RC 3

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed buckler not appearing on Archers using Javelins
    • New Item Notification now properly functions
    • Fixed major cleanup bug in AssetStore. This was causing crashes in custom maps sch as Horde

  • Please keep all posts in this thread relevant to this version of beta. All unconstructive and off topic posts will be removed.

  • Simply amazing. Keep it up TBS!

    Out of curiosity, does this mean that any changes that map contest winners make to their map will no longer be included in the “official versions”?

  • reserved this post

  • @Rickvs:

    Simply amazing. Keep it up TBS!

    Out of curiosity, does this mean that any changes that map contest winners make to their map will no longer be included in the “official versions”?

    Official changes will only be made in our versions of the map.

  • Please no to those gr8sword changes. That’s a retarded overnerf, it’s basically a worse zwei now. As for the Messer nerf, it’s still gonna be great for hit trading, but no more 1 shot on cancer at arms? Wrong nerf. Also…no buffs? And where are the other balance changes people have asked for? Archer damage nerf? Knockback nerf? No sprint lockout removal? Come on, TB…

  • I cannot wait to lick the tears from the faces of vanguard pubstar greatsworders. We’ll have to test those values to see how they really stand up tho.

    Also, more patterns for VG skins = happy.

  • THe problem with messer is the speed of overhead and being able to 2 hit knights with it, not the damage of slashes. Being able to 2 hit knights with messer makes it easily outclass grandmace, poleaxe and so on.
    Love the Greatsword and brandi nerfs tho.

    Still need to adress the recent increase of all weapons to 0.4 windup, as right now broadsword is easily best 1 hander, being same speed, yet having longer reach than norse. Same goes for maces, morning star outclasses flanged and holy water etc.

  • Nerf messer overhand windup, and add some buffs.

  • It’s a good start, can’t wait to test it.

  • I rarely play Chivalry now days, although the Greatsword changes seems to be pretty fair, although you should probably consider putting the claymore back to its old state with these changes.

    Brandistock slap nerf is also good, as for messer. I guess that’s also nice.

    But the chase speed could maybe try with additional 10-25% extra speed since 10% doesn’t do that much.
    It is not the fact that we players think that the chase speed is too low, what bothers us is how the chase speed gets broken all the time.
    Rather than having your chase speed bonus get reduced instantly, you might consider trying to make it so that when you kinda lose the chase bonus, the extra speed will slowly reduce to the original max speed rather than instantly, could help with making chasing a lot easier and less buggy

  • please bring back slash damage and nerf overhead windup on messer instead, it needs to oneshot man at arms to stay relevant once you buff LS.

    reduce feint stabwindow by .75ms globally, it’d make all feint readable in all scenarios, then GIVE US MORE STAMINA SO THE GAME ISNT SO DAMN RESTRICTED. Just take a look at this video: (sorry for long url) Had this been recorded at the current build, both of them would have been out of stamina 20 seconds in. Stamina is needed a lot for feint to parry in duel AND 1vN scenarios, in duels it’s at least manageable but in 1vN you are always doomed to die because you simply don’t have enough stamina to prevent trades or even to normally parry the enemies.

  • Also now that the maps are in, please continue doing subsequent balance changes within a smaller timeframe. We waited for this patch for over a month already.

    Also archers are TOP PRIORITY if you still want to salvage any competitive scene left.

  • @Monsteri:

    please bring back slash damage and nerf overhead windup on messer instead, it needs to oneshot man at arms to stay relevant once you buff LS.

    reduce feint stabwindow by .75ms globally, it’d make all feint readable in all scenarios, then GIVE US MORE STAMINA SO THE GAME ISNT SO DAMN RESTRICTED. Just take a look at this video: (sorry for long url) Had this been recorded at the current build, both of them would have been out of stamina 20 seconds in. Stamina is needed a lot for feint to parry in duel AND 1vN scenarios, in duels it’s at least manageable but in 1vN you are always doomed to die because you simply don’t have enough stamina to prevent trades or even to normally parry the enemies.

    Mostly agree. But as others have said, Messer needed a overhead windup increase mostly.

  • @OPxMike:

    Nerf messer overhand windup, and add some buffs.

    This. Slash damage? Messer is a beast with its Overhead!
    Please consider this for a future iteration of the beta patch.

  • A few things, the Brandi damage i think needs tweaked (r.e. lowered) just slightly.

    Messer OH attack is still way to fast allowing for hit trades and general other bullshot, It should feel like the VGs Zwei very damaging but very slow on all attacks.

    Broadsword was not addressed, Its still the best option by a mile and second to none for versatility and damage + reach for MAA and knight secondary.

    Will there be multiple betas with more weapon balance changes?

  • There were no palm trees in Castle Assault O.o

  • Keep it up TB! Gettin there!

  • ok well a patch is a patch, at lesast something is changing.

    More balance needed please, this is battle for BALANCE.

    Nerfing messer just makes 1 less strong counter to maa’s… so we do want these nerfs but not if maa isn’t going to get shit, it just makes them stronger not having to worry about 3 more counters to them.

    archer nerf when?

  • Yep, just nerf knights and vanguards to make man at arms and archers even more OP. Where are the archer and MaA nerfs? Where’s the stamina usage reductions? Where’s the longsword buffs? GS way too nerfed. Do not even think about adding this to live unless you give massive nerfs to MaAs and archers, too. I play SoW and zweihander so the messer, GS and brandi nerfs aren’t affecting me personally but it’s limiting viable options.

    We waited so long for this? Sigh. It’s 2013 June patch all over again. Here’s my feedback:

    • Reduced Messer slash damage from 95 to 90. (Should be 92 or 93, whatever it takes to allow 1 shotting archers but not MaAs to the head, also could use .05 wind up increase to allow for more reliable flinching. Same with combos and overheads. Leave stab speed the same but reduce its damage so overhead + stab combo to torso does not 2 shot vanguards, messer should not be stabbing often at all.)
    • Increased Greatsword slash windup from 0.5 to 0.55 (0.55 seems too harsh. I’ll have to play it in live to know for sure, since beta is never populated enough.)
    • Increased Greatsword overhead windup from 0.5 to 0.6 (Really stupid nerf. Way too much. 0.55 at the most.)
    • Increased Brandistock slash windup from 0.5 to 0.6 (This is good, maybe not enough. We’ll have to see. The only reason brand isn’t fun to play against is because of its incredibly different wind ups, this will help.)
    • Increase chase mechanic boost to speed by 10% (This isn’t going to help much at all. Return forward chase, make chase kick in immediately when moving forward a target you have cursor on. Still really easy to break line of sight with the dot and the moment you lose that dot on your enemy, you have to start all over. 10% speed increase won’t make much of a difference. Game was way better with forward chase and made back pedaling a punishable offense. Also helped keep MaAs more balanced. The “wait time” for chase mechanic to kick in while chasing needs to go, also make it easier to hit people’s backs when they’re sprinting away from you.

    Revert MaA foot speed to before the dodge nerfs, would still probably need to reduce it further. Make MaAs only have 4 dodges with no room for feints/resetting fights to get stamina back. Make MaAs vulnerable to damage after they dodge so you can punish a correct dodge read, where they can’t parry/attack/dodge again shortly after dodging. Fix dodging out of flinch/stun daze. Don’t nerf broad sword yet, see how MaAs play after these changes before then.

    Reduce all damage from archer projectiles by 50% except to other archers. Reduce thrown javs only by 30%. Buff longbow/shortbow/sling ect. later after these nerfs kick in for awhile.

    Reduce stamina usage on parry/feint/combo feint/knight shield block. Combo feint to parry should cost a lot of stamina, but buff the animation so it’s just as fast/good as it was before it was removed (It’s currently too slow).

    Fix catapult having fast clicks instead of slow clicks.

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