Crashing on the loadout screen

  • sometimes the game crashes after trying to change your loadout.

    log and dmp file attached in zip archive.

  • [2940.80] DevSteam: ReadUserStats(76561198035579456) called with result 1 code 1

    Go to \Documents\my games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config

    rename udkstats.ini

    try again :)

  • why would that cause it to crash though?

    that line is also there in successful sessions without any crashes.

  • this happened again just now. it’s not something that happens very often but when it does the game freezes up and crashes.

    I hit M to reselect class/loadout, clicked a weapon box and it hung and crashed.

  • try removing UDKCustomization.ini (It will redownload once you launch the game), it might help for all I know.

  • Developer

    Resolution, loadout, and anything you can think of that you were doing or the game was doing when it crashed might be helpful. It looks like we’re somehow tripping something that’s somewhat deep in Scaleform.

  • resolution: 1920x1080

    all I can think of right now is that it sometimes happens when I’ve chosen a class/loadout then changed my mind about something and gone back to the class selection screen to reselect something in the loadout, usually the primary. and that it has happened with archer and vanguard. might’ve been waiting to respawn both times too.

  • happened again. this time I selected a class (vanguard). changed the primary multiple times then went to change the secondary and that’s when it hung and crashed.

  • I had the game hang on me the other day when I selected random loadout. Only happened once though.

  • had it happen to me straight after the last crash but that time it happened as soon as I selected a weapon. couldn’t replicate it after that.

  • Developer

    We’ve reproduced it, still trying to track down steps and causes. Thanks for the help.

  • Developer

    It’s low frequency, we still don’t have reliable reproduction steps, and the crashes are in Scaleform’s VM and pretty unreadable so we’re not completely sure, but we believe we’ve got a fix for this.

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