Quakelive on steam

  • Although I used to play Q3 Arena (ctf leagues) I’d recommend it on steam.
    Took it for a test drive today.
    As a free game its very good and in between bouts of Chivalry worth playing.
    more tba clan and requirements will be announced at Quality street group.

    To join the Qs Quakelive clan you must have played at least 50 hours of
    Chivalry as this clan is really for Chivalry players only. Will arrange some
    ctf scrims through my Q3 contacts.

  • I would say ctf with Rockets only like RA would be good fun.

  • I tried playing Quake Live not that long ago and I couldn’t because there were like 3 NA servers.

  • CTF instagib is the bizzness. Need quick reflexes, and one miss can cost you your life!

  • @ChuckingIt:

    CTF instagib is the bizzness. Need quick reflexes, and one miss can cost you your life!

    Its like playing crossbow in chivalry.

  • Not quite often you have to dodge return fire in Q3 and targets can move faster. Unlike the slugs in Chivalry hehe.
    I thought Rocket arena type clan for Chivalry players as you don’t aim at targets so low skill level ;p

  • For those of you Into Quakelive I find the usual debate about using mouseaccel or not. After many years its still not
    decided between pro’s and non pro’s. To make Chivalry more interesting I’d have a Centre view and spin 180 button.
    I found them in the ini files not being used. Imo both would only work while not striking foes.
    These buttons would improve Chivalry imo. Will the community manager run it by Tibby?

  • Man this game is brutal, I’m trying to git gud but I get rekt so hard by veterans lol. Need to learn the maps and to bhop properly without bumping on walls

  • Ah the good ol corkscrew mod days… Q3 can only hold my attention for about 5 minutes now. Just played so much of it over the years XD but it’s still fun to kill some time with.

    I’ve been enjoying this game called minimum for the last couple of weeks. It has a similar feel to quake as there is no bullet drop. I’ve heard it referred to as a “twitch shooter”. The crafting system and different game modes keep it interesting.

  • Its a pity this Qlive seems riff with botters and the sorts. Its like every other player is fatality hehe.
    I doubt in its current climate this will last another year even on steam. At least in the old version
    1.32c it has admins and punkbuster still on some servers.

  • Still its worth playing in between rests from Chivalry plus it doesn’t require a high spec
    computer plus its free and very addictive ( ctf ). Why buy a fps game with this classic
    available ?

  • No point new thread starting. QualityStreet Qlive ctf server is up 24/7 ish.
    I play Qlive on my low spec pc and Chiv at weekends on the game rigs.

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