Unresponsive mouse?

  • Lately I’ve been noticing sometimes, kinda often actually, that I’ll click the mouse to attack or parry or something, and nothing will happen. Gotten me killed many times, I’ll be mid fight and all of a sudden mouse buttons don’t work for a couple seconds. This happening to anyone here? I’ve mentioned it in game a few times but only a couple people spoke up and said it was happening to them too. Not sure if my mouse is shitty and I need a new one or if this is like a thing now…

  • It’s been happening to me forever, like I havn’t attacked or parried at the wrong time so I’m not in recovery or anthing, but when the enemy misses me I’d like to punsih him and land an attack, but the game won’t let me however many times I turn the mosue wheel, or mash lmb. Not sure how to reproduce this or wht causes it but it sure is annoying.

  • Yup, exactly what’s been happening. Been happening to you for a long time though? I’ve only just noticed it goin on recently, after the latest patch actually. It’s very irritating…

  • The problem I get most often is my arrow not firing after I release the mouse button.
    It’s reeeaaaaallllly annoying…

  • Well glad to know my mouse aint a piece of shit haha.

  • No it happens all the time to me. Not really often enough to blame my deaths on, but it’s definitely there.
    Game must think you’re still in a recovery phase or something.

    Haven’t had it happen yet that my arrow won’t release. Probably caused by supreme Singapore ping…

  • haha. I haven’t tried it in singleplayer, but it happens whether I am playing near or far.

  • Happens rather often after being hit, including a hitrade. For a longer while you can’t attack for shit.

  • I have this problem but I thought my mouse was shitty. It also sometimes registers 2 right clicks when I push it once. So accidental feint to parries happen.

    Though my mouse is 15 years old.

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