Official Server Admins = Cyber Bullies?

  • The server is Official TO US East Multiplay.

    Some admins of this server, that are supposed to enforce good behaviour and suppress negativity are the ones spreading it. I got threatened with being banned today, after being harrassed all game.
    Now, I’m not just a player. I paid good money for this game, therefore I’m a customer.
    I could stand being harrassed by some of the players with a less mature mentality, but an admin of an official server? Just unbelievable.

    I don’t know how you choose your admins, but I’m not just standing there and taking it.

  • Hello! I was in this game. The user “Templar | Terse” is the user you are talking about. He is not an official admin - he’s just crafty with the chat box to make it appear that he is. You’ll notice that actual system messages/admin logins in your game appear in French. I kicked him immediately after he did this. I’ll be talking with the other admins to figure out how we’ll deal with this user and others like this in the future.

    I also move this thread to official server support.

  • Terse and oh. like to abuse those commands a lot according to a friend, but he didn’t give me any screens.

  • Easy way to tell if someone is real admin. After they login, try to votekick them. If the votekick begins, then obviously they aren’t an admin. If they can’t be votekicked, then they are an admin. Bada bing Bada boom.

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