How to record my matinee?

  • So I have been looking around the net for a solution for this but no luck so maybe someone here knows.

    I have made a matinee with a flythrough of my map, now I want to record this but nothing seems to work.

    First I can’t get the matinee working in playmode, I have bind a key to make it play and in kismet debugging I see that it starts to play, however nothing happens on the screen.

    So I tried to record it from the editior using fraps, this did not work at all and I ended up with about 700files instead of one… Seems like only fraps like it in playmode.

    Then I found out that there is something called create a video in the matinee video so I pressed that and I could then choose filetype and everything, awesome! However I never get a confirmation that it is finished and I can’t find the files anywhere. (Other normal UDK forums says it to be in a folder called MovieCaptures but I don’t seem to have one)

    So does anyone know how I can record this?

  • Bandicam would do it. As that can record things other than just games.

    Other than that I don’t know.

  • Developer

    If using a semi-recent Nvidia card, Shadowplay will do full desktop recordings now…

  • If your internet doesn’t blow, you can private stream it to youtube using OBS to target your screen.

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