Slightly Unintelligible Ramblings

  • Buying a new computer finally, so I can hopefully test by next weekend. New patch so far sounds very promising. Dunno if it’s Steve runnin the show as far as development goes, but keep on going, this is how you maintain your game. Small smart moves until you establish a good foundation, then you can step away and work on other projects, just adding the occasional map or skin.

    DW was a smart business move, you got some practice and refreshment from a new project, but just a mod, and it also brought more money. If you’re going to do a chiv 2, wait and get this one into better shape. I’ve bought most of the skins in this game because it was worth 1000 hours of my time. Don’t do another DW, abandon it and call it chiv 2. Pls.

    Also can I has kickstarter hat? TB pls. I would’ve done it but I was either broke or lazy. Probably both. I’ll pay for it now though.

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