Another random issue that forces me to restart the game

  • In amongst all the random Chivalry server bugs and crashes that run rampant within this temperamental game, I have recently been exposed to this unique problem.
    When I am joining a server for the first time and provided it doesn’t crash to desktop there, it loads and i can hear all the combat of the players and the objective sounds, but the map itself is just a square with a cube on top of it.
    It used to be like this for about 10 or so seconds where the actual map would eventually load up and let me choose my class, but recently it has been stuck in this to the point I have to restart Chivalry and try my luck again.
    I can move the mouse around the area as if i were spectating too.
    Any idea what is causing this? My PC being retarded?, or Chiv? or a server issue?

  • hail the cube

  • つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE CUBE

  • I get the same from time to time.
    Typing “reconnect” into the console usually fixes it for me, although there are some occasions where at this point I get the famous no-sound bug so am forced to restart anyway.

  • All fear the mighty cube of loading.

    Fun fact: It’s the deafult map that loads when launching Chivalry SDK editor.

    I have no idea why that is showing up in-game, but it happens rarely though.

  • Companion cube. Torn banner have been playing with portals.

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