• Its a nice game and I hope it spreads like wild fire. You guys did and are doing a good job. :cheers:

  • Yup very nice game indeed, well done.

    As a mount and blade warband veteran i didnt think there would be another game that would give me such a thrill of sword combat, but i was wrong. You guys made a game that is absolutely adrenaline pumping gory goodness.

    Thanks for making this gem of a game!

    A happy costumer. 8-)

  • Glad to see you love what they have achieved! I’m a massive warband player myself, and all the gamers I recommended the game too from the Warband clan I’m in also LOVE it. That said it all 8-)

    See you on the field guys, dont forget to make a steam recommendation ;) The more players the more future content!

  • I first heard about this game in a vid where some guy showed TotalBiscuit was playing ‘Chivalry’. Having played AoC for a couple of months, I immediately recognized the style. Got lucky to get a beta key on and been loving it ever since. As a former Warband player I was still thinking about buying WoTR, but I think this one will satisfy my medieval lust for quite some time.

    Great job TornBanner!

  • I found out about this game from SeaNanners youtube channel, and then when Birgipal also made a video, i couldnt resist it.

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