Custom models? A modding question/suggestion.

  • I’m posting this here because most other subforums are more or less dead.

    I was wondering whether it’s possible to create custom models for the classes? I was pretty impressed by the star wars mod, but it used the normal ingame character models. It wasn’t very bothersome and I could enjoy the mod nevertheless, but it made me think: is the lack of custom models because there are some limitations, or because modelling and texturing high quality characters isn’t exactly easy (and of course the voices could be lacking, too)?

    I comprised this example of how a class setup for a warhammer fantasy mod for chivalry could look like. The MMO was pretty mediocre but the armor designs were gorgeous and I think that warhammer would go well with chivalry:

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    Yes, I’m pretty sure it is possible to create new skins for mods, but I also think it requires a lot of work. I’d love to see someone tackle a mod that includes new skins.

    I really want to see an orcs vs dwarves fantasy mod with new characters and weapon skins.

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    It does take a bit of work and all that. The art side should be straightforward, it’s just your standard udk workflow, then you need to actually get them in your mod which is weird because of our code but this tutorial should help explain how to do it.

  • I would like a Warhammer Fantasy full conversion mod, but… ironically enough, I don’t want it to be too fantasy. I’m not a big fan of fantasy, yet I enjoy Warhammer Fantasy. Weird huh.

    I like the Empire, because duh, they are an army of Landsknechte! And they are humans, so should be easy to mod.

    When it comes to the more fantasy races, I would like Chaos to look like in your example picture. I would rather the look like their table top counterparts:

    Biggest reason I dislike most of the fantasy genre is because how over-the-top everything has to be, with loads of spikes and glow everywhere and weird shapes and sizes of their weapons and armour. The tabletop Warriors of Chaos have pretty functional armour, minus the big horns on their helmets they always have.

    I would wish for a Warhammer Fantasy game that has a more “realistic” take on the fantasy genre. You still recognise all the units, but they aren’t over-the-top and their weapons and armour are realistically functional, weapon in the correct size and all that. Which is why I like the Empire, because since they are humans and based on Landsknechte, they are the closest to realism in Warhammer. As well as the Bretonnians, they are medieval humans. My favorite race though, is the Skaven. Evil ratmen are pretty fantasy as well, but their weapons and armour are, as I’ve said, realistic and functional! Mostly. Besides, poison gas and long-range rifles are cool.

    A mod with just Empire and Skaven as the only playable races would be good enough for me, haha! I actually have a few pages written about that on my computer, weapons and classes and their functions, etc.

  • i would like a lotr mod

    all we really need is good orc and goblin skins and its set to go

  • @zombojoe:

    i would like a lotr mod

    all we really need is good orc and goblin skins and its set to go

    We already got the Aragorn skin for Vanguard, now to get a Frodo skin for MAA and maybe Legolas and Gimli for Archer and Knight respectively.

    In all seriousness though, if that were to be created as a mod I’d never be playing vanilla Chivalry again. Ever.

  • This game needs more ratmen!


  • I’m actually trying to create an mod like that

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