Flail buffs/changes

  • Since TBS recently buffed the flails defensive capability by allowing us to use all of the shields, why not make the actual weapons themselves viable? I’ll name a few flaws they have and then suggest some buffs and tweaks

    -Very long windups and combo times for one handed weapons
    -Inconsistent tracers which can cause handlehits, hinder dragging, and can make the HTK irregular
    -Minuscule speed and damage differences between light and heavy flails which makes them both feel too similar
    -Heavy flail doesn’t look badass enough, needs more spikes
    -Incredibly short range, hitting people with fists is easier than flailing them sometimes.

    My suggested changes for the heavy flail:

    +Increase spikiness by 68%
    +Increase slash damage by 1 (Allows you to 2shot vanguards with torso LMBs)
    +Reduce all combo times from 0.7 to 0.675
    +Reduce slash and overhead windup down from 0.55 down to 0.5 or 0.525
    -Increase overhead release to 0.5 up from 0.45

    I’m not really sure what to do with the light flail to make it able to compete with the heavy flail should these changes make it into the game. My initial thoughts would be to reduce the damage and increase the speed enough to make a noticeable difference between light & heavy. Either way, let me know what you guys think and share your proposed changes to make flails viable.

  • they need more range tbh, i feel like i need to be right inside ppls faces to even hit them

    with the alt overheads on the light flail you can kinda whip it outwards which gives it reasonable range but thats about it

  • ^more like the opposite, if you’re inside them you’ll miss because the handle is huge meanwhile the part that actually deals damage isn’t. But I do agree that they need some changes, however I don’t think the heavy flail should be able to two shot vanguards, it seems like more of a blunt weapon meanwhile light flail is more of a blunt/pierce which would make it more effective against vangaurds.

  • The light flail needs faster wind ups for sure, but its combo speeds and damage are perfect as they are. It does need better tracers to make it more consistent, and the shields themselves just need polishing for blocking properly. Torn Banner took great steps for the flail in the past few patches, all that’s left is polishing outside heavy flail buffs and faster flail wind ups. I agree heavy flail needs more spikes and should do more damage, and some speed buffs. Their range should be left alone until after the tracer fixes to see how they perform. And of course, nerf MaAs and reduce knockback from vanguards.

  • Flails need more range.

  • Adding range to the OP, just played a round with the flail and I basically have to spam LMB just to be able to hit non-knights using any basic footwork.

  • flails need less shield tbh

    the lack of ripostes with such slow unwielding weapons is a huge detriment imho

    its like playing maul with no rispote, you got no initiative against spammers

  • @zombojoe:

    flails need less shield tbh

    the lack of ripostes with such slow unwielding weapons is a huge detriment imho

    its like playing maul with no rispote, you got no initiative against spammers

    I think that’s why it needs faster wind ups. It’s only chance against fast weapons like claymore and broad sword is the stab.

  • even hws and shield feels weak without ripostes and thats the fastest shit you can get

    give all shielded loadouts riposte TBS pls

  • it just needs range, right now it’s basically a warhammer shield combo.

  • I did some tweaking for the flails, both of them, perhaps the spiked flail needs a little faster windups than what I gave it, who knows.
    Values for the new and old flails and the differences can be seen in the picture. The spiked flail isobviously better against vanguards meanwhile the heavy totally wrecks knights. Pink is increased, purple is decreased.

    Similar to what clay said, it’s basically a warhammer shield combo, just worse. I also buffed the release times on the overheads making them slightly more dragable, hopefully.

  • If TB decides to touch flails again…
    they need to fix this first:

    The handle tracer removal effected flails too, making facehug swings liable to outright missing.

  • ^This should be fixed either way, they make flail useless atm.

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