Polycount Arms & Armor contest for Chivalry has come to a close!

  • The Polycount Arms & Armor contest for Chivalry has come to a close! Over the past 6 weeks 3d artists from all over the world have been competing to create weapons and helmets for your favorite Chivalry characters. Check out all these phenomenal submissions, and be sure to vote for your favorites on the steam workshop to help us decide which ones we should put in the game!


    You can also check out the final submissions thread over on polycount to see all the entrants in one thread:

  • Top 3 Knight:

    1. Styrian Longsword
    2. Hound set
    3. Instigator set / Tenderizer

  • My favourite among all items is the Horsebow. It fits the theme perfectly and looks like a high quality piece.

  • Not to discredit their skills as model artists but 95% of these are extreme dumb dumb fantasy themed shit that just doesn’t belong and this is besides the fact that many of those weapons are actually incorrect (usually anime tier larger) in comparison to the actual weapons original model and tracers. I think there should been rules for this as out of 2 pages with probably nearly 100 submissions less than 10 actually fit.

    That said the renaissance set and hound set along with the skullcracker warhammer (and for giggles the lotr gm) are the best imo.

  • Btw. how many are put into the game? Are all of them only available on purchase? What happens to all the other entries after the contest?

  • Too much fantasy

    Styrian Longsword is the best

  • @Chimpanzer:

    Too much fantasy

    Styrian Longsword is the best

    Truth right there.

    Styrian Longsword, best longsword!

  • It’s sad how some of these could have been a great addition to the game if not for some unnecessary fantasy additions to the weapon.

    Tbh I hope Torn Banner also adds the most fantasy-ish weapons solely for themselves (like the dev helm, peasant skin and such) because that also means it becomes available to custom content such as Irilla’s new original character models, would be cool if they could given their own exclusive weapons too.
    Definitely adds in a lot of possibilities.

    P.S. I definitely love some of the onehander Sword skins. Falchion(?) reskin in the Assault Set is interesting.

  • I don’t care what the votes say, please don’t add any fantasy garbage to the game.

  • TB pls add dat kraken set and dubaxe. Will buy.

  • Not to bash on any of the people making things for this contest (most of the model and texture work is actually very good). A lot of these submissions are totally out of place. Honestly it seems like many of the entrants have never even touched this game, since the vast majority of models are more akin to something you would find on skyrim-nexus. Right next to the big titties mods.

    I seriously hope TB shows better judgement in the choosing of these skins than they did with the addition of the barbarians/santas/knight dlc.

    On the other hand, there are a few entries that stand out as amazing that I would really love to see in the game, most notably:

    Styrian Longsword
    Northwind Zweihander
    Wedge Set
    Head Monger’s Halberd

    Out of curiosity, what are the rules on entries as a set? Since there are a few sets where the weapon included looks great, but the helm not so much… Is it up to the discretion of the developers to maybe split up or only include one piece?


    Top 3 Knight:

    1. Styrian Longsword
    2. Hound set
    3. Instigator set / Tenderizer

    do you not like the infidels bane messer? i like it a lot aside from the jewel….and i hope we dont get 2 ls skins lol.

  • Yes you can tell many of the contest entrants have not properly investigated Chivalry and the nature of it, I didn’t read the rules/competition descriptions but it seems many people assumed it was similar to Skyrim.
    Despite this, many of the items look awesome and I’d love to use many of these items. While I’m inclined to want more real/practical weapons & helmets as I’m one for realism and immersion, seeing the fine work put into these pieces makes me not mind seeing chivalry take a slight step into the Fantasy Realm if it means I can use these excellent items.

    Plus, when you think about it….
    We’ve already got Citadel, we’ve got naked prick barbarians, Glowing Enchanted Helmets and MAA dodge/teleport abilities

    If Chivalry does stray into the bounds of semi-fantasy the game is not limited and restricted to staying ‘Authentic, Realistic and True’ to the historical medieval period. (Despite the fact that Medieval History is very rich and you CAN DO SO MUCH WITH IT)

    The fantasy, faction specific do all of a sudden make the game feel like a ‘Good vs Evil’ Not that the game did a particularly good job explaining the differences in thinking between the two factions… There is a reason I always roll Agatha :D

  • I have played this game basically since release. But I swear, if the Styrian Longsword doesn’t make it in, I quit.

    Kidding aside, styrian is the prettiest. A lot of the weapons are very attractive and even if a fair bit don’t fit the style, they were all still done extremely well. Congrats to all the entrants, and thanks for your good work!

  • @YarnuTheDog:

    Plus, when you think about it….
    We’ve already got Citadel, we’ve got naked prick barbarians, Glowing Enchanted Helmets and MAA dodge/teleport abilities

    And most people don’t like any of what you just mentioned.

  • That court set is amazing!!! The helmet, although ridiculously over the top really suits the style of the game IMO (Face it! Nothing like that would dare be in Skryim). I would love it to be a rank 70 Helmet.
    And the sword in that set is one of the best looking swords from all the entries. I hope that it makes it in.

    Are you able to seperate sets? Some sets have great weapons and poor helmets or vice versa,
    Like the Chicken set helm and the Winged Wrath HWS.

  • Is it just me. . . or are all the messer skins for mason knights and all the LS skins for agatha knights?

  • Top 2 :

    1. Styrian Longsword
    2. Hound set

  • A lot of you will hate me for this but I absolutely love some of the over-the-top sets. I will instabuy Ornamental if it makes it in. IMO, TBS should simply implement what will sell best (aka most popular). This will give them the most resources to pay and motivate their team to build a gud game/fix shit in a timely manner. Man, That ornamental set is absolutely sick, now I can pretend I am a lvl 90 Warrior from WoW.

    Styrian Longsword seems to be unanimously loved though AND there’s no worries about it being too fantasy-esque. I don’t think we have to worry about it making it into the game.

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