Unnanounced Unreal 4 Engine Project

  • Basically, on tornbanner.com when you select the games, you will see a unnanounced project. This is new, right? I don’t think it was there yesterday.

    So i’d like to hear your wild speculations and conspiracy theories, or maybe rumors you could catch around.

    It has to be Chiv 2, right? I hope so

  • That’s no surprise as they are searching for an ut4-level designer. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be chiv2

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    So they have announced they are making an unannounced project.

    That makes sense.

  • Mainstream Multiplatform Casual Hack and slash

    torn banners wet dream

  • Here a list of things that have to change mechanicly

    -better net code
    -identical 1st and 3rd perspectiv models
    -transition animations for block into riposte
    -server side hit detection
    -make ground sniffing less annoying by not moving the sword in idle state then someone looks up/down

  • I saw that they added “realistic shadows” in unreal engine 4.5.

  • I guess Chivalry 2 really is coming now then. Chivalry 1 was actually made completely virtually and online as TBS had no physical studio until after the game was launched. This means all the coding, programming, animating ect. was done from people all over the world sending files between each other. It’s also probably the biggest reason Chivalry has been forever doomed with bugs and problems and rarely gets fixed without breaking more stuff. Because of that and the failure of DW, I’m really worried about this next project, but with them having a physical studio now and some more/different programmers, maybe this time it’ll go smoother.

  • Will have to be a phenomenon for me to buy it after the shit support chiv got.

  • That is no chiv2

    It’s actually tetris.

    on ue4.


  • If chiv2, I’ll somehow find an illogical way to call it a Kindom Come ripoff anyway.

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    Might not be chiv 2. Personally I think its for the best. Make another game to screw up first in the UE4 engine then make chiv 2.

  • its obviously a casual mobile game

    cmon guys its not even that hard

  • Chiv 2 - Renaissance Warfare. Would put money on it.


    Chiv 2 - Renaissance Warfare. Would put money on it.

    Frightening enough… that makes perfect sense. :crushed:

  • Chivalry: Modern warfare

  • @Hitom:

    Frightening enough… that makes perfect sense. :crushed:

    You could still have knights and man at arms, except with new models and weapons, landsknechts for vans and musketeers for archers. All this shit is 15th - 16th century onwards, so as far as the time period goes it would still work for a melee oriented game.

  • regardless of what it is it wont live up to chivalry 1, not even close

    anyone who remembers TBS actions in the last 2 years knows this

  • Maybe they learned from their mistakbwahahahahaha


    regardless of what it is it wont live up to chivalry 1, not even close

    anyone who remembers TBS actions in the last 2 years knows this

    Meh, to be fair, TBS did really well with DW in the beta. Shame the game was just fundamentally flawed at it’s core.

  • @Xylvion:

    Chivalry: Modern warfare

    Black Plague Ops.

    I’d like to think they’re working on something no one could see coming, people wouldn’t be disappointed that it’s not chiv 2 they’ll just be confused. Like a Japanese dating sim where you live in a house with a bunch of attitude era wrestlers.

    Torn Banner’s announcement when

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