Game Suggestion: Titles

  • As you may know, and probably seen whilst playing against bots, many people back in the days of medieval Europe had titles. As examples, John Smith the Ordinary, Jonathan the Strong, Mason the Barbaric, Dillan of Scotland etc. based on their personal characters or deeds they may have done. As a further suggestion, perhaps you would be able to select a title before your name such as ‘Sir’, ‘Chaplain’, ‘Thane’ etc.

    Why add this? I thought it might be a fun thing for everyone to join in on, and have their own titles reflecting their personalities, goals or deeds.

    How would it be implemented? I’d imagine it would be changed in the customisation menu, allowing you to add a title of your own after your name, with a choice of ‘the’ or ‘of’ inbetween. If abuse is feared, it would be possible to have a predefined set of adjectives to choose from, though that would limit the creativity a bit. The titles in front of the name could also be taken from a predefined list, and could be like Deadliest Warrior where it is rank based which title you can choose from.

    Furthermore, you could have different titles for both Agatha and Mason, maybe even Free For All, as the customisation menu is divided like so.

    To conclude, I would like to state this is just a suggestion. Of course I would like to see this added to the game, but whatever is done with this idea is up to Torn Banner. Thanks for your time.:02.47-tranquillity:

  • You can already give yourself a title:

  • ^This basically.

  • I do realize that, but this I was thinking if something small could be added to the game to make your title exclusive to it, not simply changing your name.

    It was just a little idea for convenience and fun, something to add to the game without massively impacting it. Thanks anyway for the reply.

    I may have posted this thread in the wrong Subforum…embarrassing if so.

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