Connection lost: Authentication failed

  • I’ve checked a bunch of threads looking for an answer that works but had no luck. The last time i had played was very soon after the Deadliest Warrior expansion came out.

    I can play offline game but cannot connect to any servers.

    I am not VAC banned on any games.

    Normally whenever i try to verify the integrity of the game cache it says i am missing 4 files but no matter how many times i try it never downloads those 4 missing files. I downloaded the game again and it said no files were missing. After i started then exited the game the 4 files were missing again.

    I’ll try anything besides deleting and re-downloading the game over and over again since i’ve already done it with no change.

  • still a common problem

  • The error you’re describing happens when you don’t own Deadliest warrior. Ths started when we had our free weekend and players were able to install DW. Those who didn’t purchase the expansion after that, could still launch the game but not connect to a server, until they purchased the DW expansion.

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