Then is TBS gonne FIX incorrect flinch animation?

  • A while ago some ranged weapon had the ability to flinch.
    But it was removed, strangely the flinch animation still plays when then you get hit by them.
    There is probably one line of code that does that and no one seems to care to take 5min to remove it.

    This is the same with unflinchable riposte there you can also see a flinchanimation thatis hiding the real attack

  • yeah its pretty annoying

  • There’s also the part where you get flinched in melee by melee but you still do damage from the very earliest part of the release.

  • Even more annoying when it’s a jav or a throwable that hits the enemy and you think he won’t flinch and parry, but there’s nothing to parry.

  • Or when you get shot during a riposte and it changes the animation.

    Thought I feinted my riposte the first time it happened, my stab turned into an OH after getting hit. Probably forced a desync too.

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