New items for Agatha!

  • Hey all, I’m making a set for each class of both factions.

    I’m not from Torn Banner, I’m just a 3d modeler and armourer, practicing my 3d modeling skills, and hoping to win a bit of cash on the side.

    I’m the guy who made the stechhelm and maul for the contest, titled ‘The Harbinger of Red Rebellion’.

    Steam Workshop Page for more info:

    Anyway, I heard you guys like historically accurate stuff, and were kind of annoyed by all the fantasy items (including my maul, ha) All of it is still WIP, but I hope to be done with the sets for Agatha before the end of November.

    Each helmet will be customizable for highly detailed/plain, and visor down/visor up. That way, you can either amaze people with your king-like armour, or amaze people with your plain, but well-made helmet with clean lines and contour.

    The weapons will also be very contemporary of the european renaissance period. No more eagle mauls, I promise. Unless people want more of that. :pride:

    Armet is for the knight, burgonet is for the MAA, sallet is for the vanguard. The archer’s helmet is at:

  • Wow, very nice work man. Keep it up! I’d totally buy this.

  • That looks pretty good.

  • Good. Personally prefer this for vanguard and sallet for Knight.

  • These look excellent.

  • It looks too good. You should make it look slightly less shiny so it doesnt remind us how shitty agatha knight armor looks in comparison.

  • haha xD

    I was actually thinking it would be a cool idea to make entirely new models for the classes too, if people want to see more of what I can make.

    For instance;

    Knights would have form-fitting full plate armour, and would actually be decently in-shape, not really bulky looking. Knights never looked bulky IRL, even in full gear. Even Henry the Fat’s (King Henry VIII) armour was tailored to give him a ‘strong, going to maul your face’ look, rather than a ‘floppy’ look.

    All classes (except archers) would also wear much more plate and less chainmail and tabards, and have basically 0% skin showing. I’m sure some people here have seen images of entire armies, with hundreds of warriors in full plate marching against other armies with full plate, like the Battle of Barnet.

    This is what a true battle looks like. MAAs were not much different than knights; knights were only nobility with the title, and more money for better plate armour, often acid-etched at the least, and completely covered with gold leaf designs and intricate hammerwork for the richest of royalty and nobility.

    Anyway, thanks for the comments guys! I’m working on the low-poly at the moment. I’ll probably post an update later today.

  • I’ll make see if I have time to make the armet/burgonet/sallet interchangeable with the knight, MAA, and Vanguard too, it should be fairly easy after the low-poly is done.

  • most medieval battles were just plebs fighting plebs like the plebs they were.

  • Oh wow, sallet ftw!!!

    I’m a big fan of sallets and kettle hats. Kettle sallet is an awesome combo of the two, I tried to model my own but… I’m a beginner and I had no idea how I was supposed to make the UV map for it, or all the other shit that comes after that.

    Based on this picture:

    Also… shameless advertisement, but I’m just giving you ideas:

    Would go pretty well with a sallet or kettle sallet, imo.

  • Very nice! For the knight stuff try to do two finishes to match the originals and the elite dlc skins. They’re rather different styles and scales, and one that works for one won’t necessarily work for the other.

    In fact the elite knight looks a lot like the full plate sort you mentioned. Much closer to the renaissance than the other more medieval stuff, but then chiv’s always cast a wide net historically speaking.

  • Quick update on what I’m working on! Currently I have the helmet done for high-poly, and I’m working on the shield high-poly. Next I’ll work on the high-poly for the sword.

    I just was messing around with a shield detail that I thought you guys would like, but there’s still a ton of work left, lol.


  • that helmet and buckler look amazing

  • Omg that note on the buckler!!! Hahaha! xD

  • That helmet certainly looks roman inspired.

    Love the little doodle of lion eating eagle on the note.

  • @Kreittis:

    That helmet certainly looks roman inspired.

    Love the little doodle of lion eating eagle on the note.

    Who woulda thought the people of the renaissance were inspired by the roman era? :P

    The Agatha Man-at-Arms already got a version of this type of helmet, though I’ve never seen anyone use it. It’s called a lobstertail or a zischagge, but this one that Zetheros is making seem to have the tail of a gothic sallet rather. The face plate is a kind of a unique thing, but it looks functional and realistic.

    Here are a few lobstertails/zichagges, which probably have inspired Zetheros:

    And of course the tail of the helmet, which looks like a gothic sallet:

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