Helmets rank 70 - The Pre-order ones?

  • My suggestion is that rank 70 helmets are the pre-order ones. The ones from Age of Chivalry. That would be a just reward for thousands of hours spent playing this awesome game.

    So far I saw a couple of players over level 60. The highest level 64. There could be some legit level 70s in the near future.

    Just to say I am level 43 and I will never reach 50 ( I guess). So its not for me.

  • No point in getting a helmet for farming/modding xp.

  • Really at this point such a helmet would only serve to make those who gain xp illegitimacy stand out even further.

  • 64?

    Lol someone who rank bugged. I saw a 62 before. Who rank bugged having only 260 hours.

    Only 1 person who still plays has the kickstarter helmet. Problem is he’s a selfish bastard and wants to remain the only person with one.

  • Why should people who weren’t part of the kickstarter get kickstarter helmets? The clue’s in the name. Make new helmets, if needed.

  • Pfft they only paid $150 for it. I already had a peasant hat. I simply stated that those who already had a peasant hat and were eligible for another peasant hat got the kickstarter helmets instead.

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