Some thoughts about the Double Axe.

  • Like many others, the Double Axe is my first weapon as a Knight. My main class is archer but the second favorite class is the Knigth for me. I like every weapon in his arsenal even flail and warhammer. Unlike you, after unlocked the other weapons for knight, the double axe stayed one of the favorite weapons to me. After the skin-changer patch, she has regained her power. 1 hit archers, Maa and with an Oh strike, u can hit 90 to an enemy knight. It was amazing. But with the last patch……:worked_till_5am:
    Let me explain you a situation.

    This night i played some good TD games. I cought a moment. I was very confused. I would like to share it and immidately came to forum. I was in low health, using the double axe and i was retreting. A vanguard came to me. I recognise him coz i played the same guys a couple game. He was just a spammer. No block. Just spamming with the Claymore. First he attacked and i riposted and hit him. I wanted to go for a combo. Ofc he tried another stab. I instantly cancelled and parried again and go for a riposte. But wtf. He just crouched before me and stroke another stab and bam. I got killed. Yes my strike was an OH. But it was a faking riposte. No drag, no accelarate. Just a regular hit coz i knew he wont block it. I just got shocked. Told myself, How? WTF, how? Yes im playing with +90 ping. But it was a riposte and the guy was just before me. Crouched and waiting to being executed. I have never seen such a thing.

    Good games to all. Share your thoughts with me please. Really i need them.

  • What was the Vanguard using? Something like a Claymore?

    I’ve been maining Dubaxe for a long while but I haven’t had situations where someone would wind up a normal attack after I already started a OH riposte and then hittraded/killed me with it. Thank god the axe isn’t that slow.

  • This post is deleted!

  • He’s not talking about weapon length. He’s talking about elite mlg trade warfare that you can only do with pro fast weapons (ignore recovery, ignore combos, ignore anything spam attack vs anything not as fast as you).

    edit: you deleted ur post mod

  • So the scenario is:
    You have knight double axe, opponent is vanguard claymore.

    He attacks, you riposte overhead, then combo into some other attack.
    He attacks again, so you feint your combo, parry, then riposte another overhead. At this moment he starts a stab and hits you before you kill him.

    I think the only way this can happen is if you miss your second riposte overhead. He can start the windup of the stab but there’s no way he can trade you if he’s going to die, I don’t even think it’s possible for him to trade if you hit him just after windup. You did say you did a normal, forward looking riposte, so you’re hitting mid release instead of at the start, but I’m pretty sure you should still hit first by a large margin.

    I think you missed or your attack lagged and did no damage to him.

  • I still think it has to do with the current incorrect size of the dubaxe. I havn’t seen the hotfix rolled out yet, thought it was going to be fixed a couple of days ago.

  • Yeah they made the dubaxe small as fuck. I was trying to use it a couple of days ago and it made me rage.

  • Dubaxe is small yes but it’s pretty high on damage so it’s worth using most definitely, at least it has more reach than a dagger iirc

  • @gamerdude535:

    Dubaxe is small yes but it’s pretty high on damage so it’s worth using most definitely, at least it has more reach than a dagger iirc

    It’s small because TBS dun goofed last patch and scaled it down. Regular sized it’s actually really good but there isn’t really much of a reason to use it over the maul except if the other team goes heavy MAA, even then messer/sow would be better.

  • Love it when some mouth breather hits me in the middle of my combo and kills me. (pole axe)

  • 90 ping, slow, short weapon range and I am out of here.

  • May be the dubaxe so small. But the guy was just in front of me. Less less mobile coz he was crouching. Even a dagger could hit him. Its is really hard to miss it for me. I miss swings very rarely. If i understand to miss i would definatiely cancel the swing.
    May be my swing was lagged like Coaster_Man said. May be the guy was far away from me coz my game laggy. I may saw he was in front of me coz of bad connection. I dont know. It was really annoying. And you know, im done with the dubaxe. At least, i ll wait another patch to she has been fixed.

  • The double axe has always been problematic because of the lack of speed and range. I am not sure how you say you rarely miss with it. I usually have 20 ping and miss or ghost 40%+ of the time specially at higher ping players. But double OH combo is nice and refreshing when it hits.

    Maybe you were just out of stamina or not enough to complete the last attack.

  • @Retsnom:

    Maybe you were just out of stamina or not enough to complete the last attack.

    My last swing was a riposte.

    Double axe one of my favorite weapons as the knight. (Maul is my favorite lol) Yea, too slow and lack of range. I gladly trade them for her devastating power. May be you will tell me, why not you play with Vanguard? Coz i really dont like VG style. Try to flank oppenents, avoid from being in the frontline. Dance around and ppl rage upon you. Well, i can do all this stuff. But i dislike to play like this. I want to be a tank while im playing as melee class. Slow but deadly. Otherwise, like i told before, my main class is the archer.

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