Possible changes to the light crossbow

  • is this another one of those joke threads?

  • The reload is what makes it really easy to counter and require more than just shooting if your enemy archer is any good.

  • Yes, we definately need 360 noscope LCB MLG pros. That’s what chiv is all about. Remove chase code too while we are at it so nobody can catch them and ruin their ESL-tier footage.

  • Possible changes the the light crossbow - REDUX!

    The original post has been completely re-done to hopefully be less terrible.

  • Its currently not an upgrade from the warbow still. Never was.

  • Perhaps, perhaps. It’s a little hard to believe in that, though. LCB can one hit kill 3 out of 4 classes with headshots (just like the Warbow), has nearly the same chest shot HTK as Warbow bodkins (only Knight is spared with a whopping 20 health, ripe for one hit kills by melee), has much faster reaction times (time to aim and fire > time to nock, draw and fire), has the same (if not slightly higher) RoF if you have good timing, allows you to move faster before taking your shot and allows you to have either 10 more ammo or a pavise shield… But yeah, it certainly isn’t an upgrade. Having to stop for a brief moment while reloading completely offsets all of that.

  • Well having to stop for a brief moment would massively affect you if broadheads were still useful.

  • @lemonater47:

    Well having to stop for a brief moment would massively affect you if broadheads were still useful.

    True, and I’m sure that’s of rather great concern in competitive matches. But, that downside can be offset if you make sure you don’t miss killing the enemy archer (and you will very likely have initiative with how little time it takes to aim the LCB versus nocking and drawing the Warbow), or if you use cover to your advantage (including that pavise, of course). That downside also disappears if your enemy doesn’t have any archers. But, the Warbow isn’t that great for counter-arching anymore (temporarily, hopefully). That means that if your enemy is serious about counter-arching they most likely have a regular crossbow or HCB (because of easymode bodyshot kills, naturally they wouldn’t be using a LCB), and therefore have a stronger version of the same weakness you do, which you’re better equipped to exploit with the faster aiming and reloading of the LCB. Really, it all just comes down to whether or not you’re a good crack shot. Feelin’ lucky?

  • But you always have your bow drawn. You are still mobile.

  • LCB ,Sling, and Short Spear are currently the strongest archer weapons in the game. Can we get a Nerf anytime soon?

  • You forgot shortbow and longbow on that list.

  • The ranged weapons that nobody uses are the strongest.

    Of course.

  • heavy javs are op

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