Veteran helmet confirmation

  • Hey, I was just wondering if the veteran helmet is infact working right now? I spent all night unlocking all the weapons for the knight and hoping to unlock all of the weapons soon with alot of blood sweat and tears…. From the enemy.

    But anyway just wondering if it’s there before I do all these hours of killing work lol.

  • It’s on the to-do list, sorry we couldn’t get it in for release!

  • fair enough, well I have one more question… Do you know if unlocking all the weapons will automatically give me the helm when its implemented?

  • Ive unlocked everything bar the heavy jav… also waiting for this helm! :)

  • so we’ll have an option about what our helms look like?

  • Sorry to push this subject, but I can’t stress enough how important this measly in game item is, not because of the helm itself… But the players that unlock it will feel proud because of how hard it is to obtain… Assuming you have to unlock ALL weapons to get it… It would make tons of hours of unlocking worth while because everyone would see the helm and be like WATCH OUT lol X)

  • @OrdeaL:

    Ive unlocked everything bar the heavy jav… also waiting for this helm! :)

    That’s quick work - I have so many left to get.

    (Jav seems bugged for me and nothing counts down there, by the way. I thought it was for everyone but I guess not).

  • With the jav you need to get melee kills with the jav stab or sheild hit, not jav throws…bug id say

  • d’aww I too just unlocked all the knight weps and no helm q_q now I got to wait :P

  • is there a way we can preview what the helms will look like?

  • There needs to be special helmets for knights,archers,mma, etc.

    -Javelin superior,epic, and veteran helm ideas.

    Give these helms from weapon kill achievements

    Every 1000 3000 6000 Kills etc.

    1. Roman Triarii helm ( Truely a sick helm)

    More ideas to come.

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