Why Chiv players hate Torn Banner

  • Every single person who plays Deadliest Warrior talks shit about Torn Banner in the chat. Torn Banner would maybe have a better reputation if they paid the SLIGHTEST amount of attention to Deadliest Warrior, but no. The one time I have ever seen an official admin in my LIFE (I have 650+ logged) they did not play the game with us. Mskittyiana just sat in spectator mode and banned MULTIPLE players. Thanks Torn Banner. U r so gud.

  • That person is not an admin. It is just someone who either got the pw off an admin, or has created a server with a fake ‘official’ name. I too have seen him ban people for dumb things, because hes on some pathetic nerdy power trip

  • Nope that person is admin lol.

  • Mskittyiana is an official admin, and the actions witnessed by that admin are not tolerated on any official server. Please review the official server rules (link in my signature) to avoid any trouble in the future.

    If you happen to be one of the members who received a ban and would like to make an appeal, you can post in this thread (please be sure to follow the guidelines when posting) and an admin will review it.

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