• It is so presumptuous that you are always pushing for pay skins when you can’t get either of your games to work. It is ridiculous that you would ask more money from your fans, when you haven’t lived up to your end of maintaining a multiplayer game. Today, when I went logged on to MW there were notifications leading me to the customization menu letting me know there was a sale on the bullshit, extraneous attire. Fine whatever, ignoring that, I go the server list to try to play, and obviously it just doesn’t work. I can see all the empty servers load but I can’t click a single button beyond that point. Great job, Torn Banner.

  • Just so this doesn’t waste a thread: I went to the server browser, tried to type a number in the min rank filter using the numpad which caused the server browser to close. I could reopen it, but it wouldn’t search and I couldn’t select anything. Had to restart. Odd one.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Server browser has been shit since release, they’re never going to fix it. There’s a link somewhere with a community made server browser that uses java. I’m not sure if it still works though.

  • You can use the steam server browser as well.

  • Steam server browser works great. Refreshes so much faster.

  • Guys, you make a thread that can be useful but you don’t provide useful information to investigate with. Mclumberjack, thanks for that i’ve reproduced it and its in the database.

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