Medieval bombs

  • I’d like to suggest those old bombs shaped like a small cannon ball with a fuse you light.
    The idea would be you have to light it and master the skill of throwing it before it just
    explodes in your hand and manage to either blow up enemies or an objective for eg.

    Perhaps you should light it on the pire or a team mate has to get a torch and light it
    whilst its in your hand eg.

  • slings were used to throw bombs in the middle ages afaik

  • Well I thought it would be more fun blowing up objectives or some enemies this way. Lets not forget Vanguards and
    Man at Arms did not dodge or charge in the middle ages hehe. If we can suffer them why not medieval bombs?

  • Those types of hand grenades weren’t really a thing in medieval times. It’s more of a 17th century and onward thing, when they had specialised troops called grenadiers who threw grenades. The hand grenades of the medieval times were fire bombs, like greek fire, which we have already in the game.

  • Yeah those types of hand grenades came about in 1688.

    Earlier grenades des were mostly incendiary grenades. Like savage beatings said we already have. The first recorded explosive grenades was in 1467 but we didn’t hear about any other explosive grenades for decades. They weren’t Nearly in as widespread use as flammable devices. Which themselves weren’t too common.

  • This post is deleted!

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