• Recently today, I’ve been lagging harder than usual. I play with a gaming computer and 60-90 fps but every time I attack or move my mouse slows downs or freezes and I can’t move well. For example when I am in a match I try to move around but it slows down then speeds up slows down then speeds up also sometimes it will freeze my character model. I tried uninstalling and uncapping fps it hasn’t helped. I’ve put all settings to low still happens.

  • Have you tried to set the ragdoll counter really low, so only 4 or 5 ragdolls stay on the battlefield? I have a pretty good pc too, but these ragdolls just kill my fps.

  • not enough vram?

  • I’ve set mine to 2 ragdolls and it still kills me, like what it does is stutter the game and its not my FPS my FPS is pretty high its just it keeps stuttering

  • Yeah, I have the same issue. Steady high framerate, normal ping. But it’s all stutter-y plus moving and dragging feel all wrong.

    Maybe it’s just the game, but it sucks.

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