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  • Nuclear Fallout is happy to be offering Chivalry Medieval Warfare servers. We are glad to be involved with such a great game and we are looking forward to spending hours playing it!!

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  • Thanks anyways Kraze, but I already have a server on my VDS with NFO. ;)

    Bout time you got here to post, thought I might have to end up plugging NFO here. 8-)

  • It’s time to necro the shit out of this thread. NFO is amazing. Interitus runs all of their servers through NFO. Their support gets back to me very quickly (minutes, not hours). There are alert messages for system resources, auto restarts if they ever find my server to be down, simple customization, and a sweet new command-line editor. They’re a company that is willing to adapt their admin panel to better suit the game. Also, I can move my server to any location in a matter of minutes, preserving the settings. I’ve actually done this often for international matches against RK and IO by moving it to NY just for the match. Took about 15 minutes to fully move. I currently run 3 servers through them and couldn’t be happier. Check 'em out.

  • ^ everything bada said is true. These guys rock for server hosting. I recently switched from another host to NFO and the pings for my clan are insanely low. We all love the new server, couldn’t be happier. Cost was a few dollars higher than my previous host but its totally worth the money. The control panel has so many useful features I can’t get enough. Thumbs up for NFO, keep up the good work.

  • I’d like to say I’ve been using them for various servers and the latest one I have is a very small chivalry server for my friends and I, We’ve used it 3x, the last three weekends, it’s been hassle free and we’ve enjoyed the heck out of it. Never have any problems and the control panel is super easy to use for editing game files.

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