Getting behind spawn on Stoneshill

  • Masons have been doing this for over a year to get on the wall ballistas and fire on unsuspecting Agathians/Assorted Peasantry:

    Don’t know whether TB are still in the business of doing map fixes, but there it is.

  • do they just jump?

  • At the risk of everyone doing it: it’s the ol’ superjump, the dodge into jump combo. Obviously that did get fixed a few patches back and it’s not the massive bounce it used to be, but it’s still enough for persistent MAAs to get into the spawn here.

  • People now use shield to do a super jump.

    Sneaky bastards.

  • I’ve seen this bug happen in TD and even FFA (this last one I’m not entirely sure since I have the impression they put something to block those windows).

    There’s 2 ways to get there.

    • MaA’s super jump
    • Archer using a pavise shield.

    This last trick has been around for as long as I remember. With it, you can get on top of Moor’s big rock (middle of Mason spawn) which is pretty annoying too, or even the Throneroom Agatha spawn

  • Super jump has been in game forever as well, it’s slightly harder to perform and only works with one certain weapon + shield.
    Quick and easy solution to the problem on stoneshill would be to barricade the two windows closest to the ammo box, but the problem with superjump and pavise jump still exists.

  • Should just lower the terrain there.

  • @dudeface:

    Should just lower the terrain there.

    This, it literally takes 5 seconds.

  • Worst thing about it is you can change class once you are in there from archer or MAA to a knight or vanguard. And keep changing classes so you never die.

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