A way to disable chat

  • Is there currently a way to disable the chat box?

    There’s two problems this causes for me.

    1. It ruins the immersion, to me its kinda goofy to be in this intense duel and then immediately after looking down and seeing, “Fag lost the game for us” or “lol pwned n00b”

    2. When I play on my laptop the graphics card is so/so which means I have to turn down the resolution, making everything more compact except the chat box and kill messages, so 40% of my screen ends up covered in the chat box and kill notifications.

    Anyways is there a way to disable chat and if not could we have the option in the future?

  • We’re aware that it’s a highly requested feature and are looking into it.

  • Thank you, sorry if I re posted a question that was posted a million times.

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