Customazation Wont Save!!

  • Hi fellow chivalrous peeps, I am recently having a customization problem, i try to put on a skin or change the colour of my character and i check back again in game and in the customization tab and it resets it to a defualt skin, In the customization tab it says i got my skin on for example barbarian knight and when i go into a game im using the defualt knight

  • Have you payed for the additional skins?

  • Same here. I’ve been rechanging Tabard color on my Vanguard 5 times now, has yet to apply and everytime go back to the customisation screen it already undid my changes.

    (I was accessing the customisations tab from in-game, btw)

  • It won’t save!!

  • Just go to the weapon skins tab for each class+faction and make absolutely sure there’s no custom skin enabled which you haven’t purchased.

    If it’s still not working, maybe delete UDKCustomizations.ini (not sure if that’s the file’s real name) and verify game cache? That will get you a new Customizations template

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