New Nvidia drivers ver. 344.48 means.. well, just take a look.

  • New driver came to life, and some weird shit occured.
    Miserable performance, even after lowering settings.
    And, this weird shit happend.


    wat. Who is this ? One of the devs ? :bi_polo:

  • I didn’t download the update yet. Looks pretty swood tbh same for the smiley

  • that’s pretty sp00ky
    and hilarious

  • Solution, straight from Nvidia IT guy, Syed.

    The issue you are experiencing could be possible due to the corrupt drivers on the computer or could also be due to previous version of the drivers conflicting the existing drivers.

    Firstly, I would suggest you to try uninstalling the existing drivers using third party software called Display Driver Uninstaller.
    Click on the following link to download and follow onscreen instructions.

    Restart the computer if prompted and proceed with the clean installation of the driver using the following link.
    Driver version 344.48 :
    Select ‘Custom Advanced’ at Installation options and Check ‘Perform a clean installation’.

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