Can't afford the game - will it be on sale sometime?

  • Hey, played only a few minutes of the beta (got a key at the very last second, accidentally installed it on my friend’s computer) but I loved every second of it.

    As it is, I’m not in the most favorable financial situation and there’s no way I can afford the game. I was wondering is it possible Chivalry will go on any sort of sale sometime soon? Maybe the steam christmas sale? Still not sure if I could even afford it then, but my chances will certainly be better.

  • There’s no way to say for sure, but chances are it will be. If it isn’t at a discount in the Halloween/Fall sale, then it’ll be most likely on the Christmas/New Year one, which is substantially larger.

  • The problem is it’ll likely only be a few dollars cheaper, effectively still keeping out of the price range of my completely broken self. :(

  • It’ll probably be 33% off at the first major Steam sale (Halloween sale maybe, or thanksgiving sale?), and then 50% or 60% off at the Christmas sale. Educated guesses.

  • There are halloween / thanksgiving sales on steam? When?

  • I would assume during Halloween and thanksgiving

  • @Jake:

    I would assume during Halloween and thanksgiving

    haha that’s a safe bet, I just meant I haven’t really noticed them before. the summer and winter ones seem to be the big ones where stuff like chivalry would go on sale…

  • I would assume chivalry wouldn’t go on sale until around christmas, because brand new games don’t go on sale right away, unless theyre desperate to make more money, which chivalry is not

  • But I’m desperate to play it, and therefore the laws of the universe must bend to fit my will and ease my torment!

  • Yeah, I don’t have the cash right now to get it, either. Probably won’t be able to till Dec. $25 is a reasonable price for a game like this, just not something I can scrap together right now.

  • I would buy the game for you guys if you’d play with me. The only problem is I’m short on cash, but I did purchase it for myself. It’s definitely a lot of fun. You should try to scrounge together the money, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Haha, man I’d play with anyone. I’m anxious to get into this game maybe someday, but I wouldn’t expect anyone to buy it for me. Although yknow, I guess I could allow it. Haha. Feel the same way about Natural Selection 2.

    The woes of minimum wage :(

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