Random lameness/greatness?

  • I’ve only been playing for a few days but have noticed my apparent skill seems to vary like crazy. I can go from #1 on a noob server or 1:1 kill ratio on a main server, then suddenly it all goes to sh!t.

    i.e. Parrys stop working even though my timing is the same, massive delay before my attacks trigger and other issues. I’m not changing my tactics, timing etc and can’t work out what the problem is?

    I gave up last night after 1 kill to 13 losses! But I honestly can’t figure out what’s going on. Does server lag mean sometimes you have to adjust the way you fight?

  • Are you trying to play on servers with high ping?

  • Yes if you play on high ping servers you got to block in advance and the ammount of random bullshit increases drasticly.
    But maybe you just hit rank 16 and cant play on noob servers anymore?
    Which means you now need to learn the real game

  • ^ lvl9 atm but I’m mixing it up. After doing well on the noob servers a couple of times the excitement goes so I switch to the “real thing” and sometimes do OK, sometimes get stomped.

    At lease I know the wtf moments are probably ping and not me going completely mental.

  • Hey guys im new here! Im from Argentina and we’ve got two servers runing.
    I have the same problem here; Ive been absent for a couple of weeks and yesterday i returned only to be slammed every goddamn time!
    I consider myself a good player always at the middle/top of matchscores but it seems to me that this game is getting worse every time a patch is released.
    We have our own server sice last year and it had good times but after this last updates (3/4 months back) it started working like shit. We have ghost hits, not working parry or kicks… its just frustrating

  • Lol no, I’m having the same problems from time to time and I’ve been playing way over a year now.
    I get a lot of shit from time to time where I try to do a riposte, but instead my character does nothing and then half a second later attempts a normal attack automatically only to be hittraded of course.

    Then there’s the Vanguard knockback, which sometimes works consistently against me so I can still riposte, other times I try to riposte and I just look like a total fool because I’ve been launched 20 feet backwards.

    Inconsistency is key in this game.

  • Some days I just have bad days - this is playing on the same server and have been for over a year. Likewise I sometimes get the few moments of unkillable greatness, but sadly these occur less frequently

  • About the parries not working, are you considering that your opponent can be dragging his attacks? Just asking because I was playing with a new guy some of these days and he would claim the game was a bug fest because his parries were not working with me, but I was dragging his ass. Sometimes it really looks like you should have parried the attack, but well made drags does this man. Really deceptive

    Some other dude was with archer and dagger, he couldn’t hit shit in melee and also said the game was a bugfest. Told him to switch to a bigger weapon and problem solved lol.

  • Well, I’ve got 1800 hs and I’ve got terrible days. Like, I try do to any subtle dragging and I can feel my character not responding properly and the drags are shitty as fuck. Sometimes I’ll change some simple video option and afterwards, even though the framerate seems OK, the game doesn’t feel right for some reason.

    Or there are days where I can follow all the movements of my opponents and react in consequence, no matter how much they twirl or mask their attacks… and there are other days were I feel like I’m getting instant hits and stuff and I start to blame ping or shitty servers.

    How do I go from beautiful Z-stabs and matrixes to being such a fucking failure? I was very interested in this because I’ve played in ehm, several states of consciousness (?), and I didn’t want to go overly mental. SO, I recorded lots of vids and tried lots of settings. I even ran reaction tests to measure if my brain was any slower than usual. And yes, in many attempts my reactions were like 20 ms slower and it coincided with me being specially sucky. I also inspected the videos and found the timings to be in order, and noticed how frequently I was misjudging distances, missing a parry due to a drag, etc. I tried different settings, and somehow, the game would or would NOT get back to normal. Then I gave up.

    All in all, I think there’s a lot of ingame factors going on that could affect the gameplay, performance wise… and sometimes it’s just your eyesight or your brain being too slow, too uncoordinated. You think that simply because you dragged your mouse in a very specific way a thousand times, all 1000 of them will come out the same way. Truth is, they won’t.

  • Half this game is a mind-game. There’s real strategy in knowing how to stress out your opponent, maybe even using voice commands. As an example, laughing whIle you hit then let them attack. Riposte-feint them and keep laughing, then stab them in the face when they charge. Or facehugging is so effective against noobs because they can’t footwork and they panic.

    Also, like stated above, sometimes you’re just not there. You’re not switched on even if you feel like playing, and you don’t do well. I have those days too, and as a rank 48, let me tell you I get called out by noobs every time I on some servers. Depends how many tough guys are on. But this happens to everybody, try to prepare your mind and stay healthy and focused. You’re better the second or third day back after a break from playing.

  • I play everyday, and everyday the first few rounds of the day I suck lol. I always gotta get warmed up for some reason.

    But I have been getting a lot of inconsistencies lately with using parry and nothing happens, or pressing any of the mouse buttons and nothing happens, then a few seconds later the button input I did finally plays out and I get killed. I’ve been noticing it on Viking a lot more in DW for some reason too. Very unresponsive lately.

  • I’m not saying this is the case, but I’ve had many new players yell at me because my attacks area unblockable. But in reality I’m just doing simple z stabs, and maybe a drag every now and then. What is common place for those that have been playing hundreds of hours, is something foreign and scary to new players.

  • Sometimes you dsync when you have like what 150 ping, which makes you go into matrix mode owning everyone. Sometimes your just good, sometimes your bad. Sometimes your opponent is dsynced. Sometimes its how the game wants to run that day.

    Also your computer specs play a huge role. If your getting 30 fps vs a player getting 120 fps on a 120hz monitor, they have a huge advantage. Some maps hurt your fps much more then others.

  • All games reward calmness, but there’s something about Chivalry that instantly makes you a better player if you don’t lose your s**t and just calmly keep coming back after getting killed. I have this feeling often when it feels like I just can’t counter a specific game-style like SoW feint spam combined with random gambling. It gets on my nerves even when something that predictable can take such a long time to beat, but calming down and remembering that it’s just a game is what usually turns things around. I’m fairly consistent and I rarely have “bad days”, and if I do usually it’s just in my head.

    I often go around FFA servers only walking up to enemies and letting them try and take me out with their “best shot”, then I calmly riposte and try refuse them any kind of opportunity to strike back without using any gimmicks like b0ckswings. Being calm and not getting worked up or trying to win a riposte war works really well on hyperactive premeditated spinners/comboers (most Vanguards and Knights fall into this category) because they just lose their rhythm.

    Psychological warfare is a big part of this game, and usually finishing an opponent using their own tricks against them totally incapacitates them or makes them angry and then they are even easier to beat. Don’t be one of those players.

    I guess my point is just for you to keep calm and accept that you will get beaten to the ground A LOT before you can beat even mediocre players.

  • I am at over 1600 hours. Some days I start out poorly but can usually pull off a game where I come out as top-scorer with a K:D of at least 3.5-4. But some days lousier then others. I remember once going 49-6 in TO then playing shit for the rest of the day.

    There is a certain player on my friends list with roughly the same hours and skill level as myself. When we go against each other either I dominate the shit out of him all game or vice versa. This suggests that he’s having a bad day when I’m having a good one or I’m having a bad one when he’s having a good one.

  • 2080+ hours.

    In my experience, many servers house different audiences; some players just may just be much more skilled than you expected.

    I would try to refrain from blaming objects that are out of your control. Hacking, tickrates, lag that may or may not be affecting you, etc. are all things that although may occasionally cause your demise, it is very possible that your failures are due to your own shortcomings. Striving to improve rather than directing blame towards other things is the only way to get better and become more consistent.

  • My problems are desyncs/ping most of the time, they kinda go hand in hand for me.

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