When can we expact any new content ?

  • I played the early acces version for over 4 weeks now and was counting the days till 16 okt , i hoped the full release would had some major changes like new maps weapons , but nothing changed so far.
    Ive had regular updates while playing but i thought that with the full release i would have new content.
    When can we expect this ? im very curious

  • The next patch is in 2 weeks, but I believe it will focus on fixing any bugs found in the release version. After that expect new content - maps and weapons should be coming relatively soon, plus duel mode eventually and whatever other secret projects the team’s got up its sleeve.

  • Ok thats nice … i hope new maps (community) will come soon too , cant wait to explore them and i hope they put more of those easter eggs in them ;)

    thnx for replying

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